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14286051 2015-08-01T23:23:59Z Riblet15 navbox
11207270 2014-08-17T07:11:52Z Riblet15 detail image
9806059 2014-01-13T16:30:32Z Coelacanth0794 Coelacanth0794 moved [['perfect' gold ore]] to [['Perfect' gold ore]]
9806057 2014-01-13T16:30:08Z Coelacanth0794
9097203 2013-10-08T12:58:56Z Noodle Princess
6851600 2012-12-14T03:03:30Z The Mol Man
5860901 2012-06-29T16:20:41Z The Mol Man
5501804 2012-04-17T02:41:32Z RSW image renamer (Semi-automated) Update references towards 1 image to point to its new name
4821679 2011-10-06T21:31:50Z TyA
4817811 2011-10-04T16:10:16Z Brianfreud
4800112 2011-09-30T03:05:30Z Walrus068 wtf
4800101 2011-09-30T03:04:34Z Suppa chuppa
4800087 2011-09-30T03:03:22Z Brianfreud Not true anymore - I'm in there now, and it's the current graphics, not the old ones.
4692626 2011-09-02T19:48:29Z Suppa chuppa
4692624 2011-09-02T19:47:26Z DarkQuasar
4692623 2011-09-02T19:47:15Z Suppa chuppa Undid revision 4692622 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) ?
4692622 2011-09-02T19:46:40Z Updated with new information
4364279 2011-06-05T00:55:47Z CookBot
4360368 2011-06-04T10:19:02Z Amaurice
4339225 2011-05-30T03:54:33Z Cook Me Plox
4265583 2011-05-11T17:17:40Z Cook Me Plox
4265573 2011-05-11T17:17:01Z Cook Me Plox moved [['Perfect' gold ore]] to [['perfect' gold ore]] over redirect
4163238 2011-04-17T10:54:04Z Cook Me Plox /* See also */
3987142 2011-03-10T05:46:29Z Cook Me Plox Ores is a subcategory of Mining. Other than that, epic.
3987127 2011-03-10T05:29:10Z /* See also */
3987125 2011-03-10T05:27:46Z Adding categories
3987124 2011-03-10T05:27:29Z Adding categories
3981238 2011-03-08T19:08:28Z Evilbot clean up
3837957 2011-02-01T21:00:33Z CookBot /* See also */Removing Checkftw from pages that don't need it
3835969 2011-02-01T09:49:23Z BrainBot /* See also */Adding [[Template:Checkftw]] to articles requiring checks for Wilderness/Free Trade update
3558673 2010-12-12T00:32:51Z Cook Me Plox /* See also */
3291459 2010-10-06T00:19:15Z Cook Me Plox
2968386 2010-07-27T01:23:24Z Evil1888 clean up
2959818 2010-07-24T04:25:31Z Evil1888 clean up
2921663 2010-07-15T22:08:27Z Azaz129
2921646 2010-07-15T22:05:44Z Azaz129
2921638 2010-07-15T22:04:52Z Azaz129
2876170 2010-07-07T22:33:55Z Manyman /* See also */Cleanup
2863083 2010-07-04T23:09:11Z Sir Durvo
2859337 2010-07-04T02:01:09Z Justina bell
2755387 2010-06-08T22:52:56Z Cook Me Plox whitespace
2727673 2010-05-31T18:09:00Z Cook Me Plox delinking
2696665 2010-05-23T06:49:48Z Karlis clean up, typos fixed: jewellry → jewellery (2)
2418927 2010-03-18T22:10:19Z Ajraddatz Bot: Fixing redirects
2409753 2010-03-16T21:30:54Z SmackBot Tidy infoboxes or minor fixes
2353554 2010-03-05T00:28:44Z Ajraddatz there we go
2353553 2010-03-05T00:28:17Z Ajraddatz Undid revision 2353549 by [[Special:Contributions/Ajraddatz|Ajraddatz]] ([[User talk:Ajraddatz|Talk]]) Whoopsies...
2353549 2010-03-05T00:27:40Z Ajraddatz Undid revision 2353537 by [[Special:Contributions/Ajrbot|Ajrbot]] ([[User talk:Ajrbot|Talk]])
2353537 2010-03-05T00:25:46Z Ajrbot Robot: Unicodifying the page,
2295704 2010-02-18T23:21:20Z Coolnesse Still wrong!
2295703 2010-02-18T23:20:52Z Coolnesse
2204112 2010-01-26T04:49:33Z Degenret01 rephrase
2204060 2010-01-26T04:26:01Z
2204034 2010-01-26T04:15:26Z
2142141 2010-01-10T21:25:58Z Cook Me Plox
2138457 2010-01-10T04:59:09Z Cook Me Plox release date
2138440 2010-01-10T04:54:10Z Stormchaser21
1892984 2009-11-08T14:06:48Z
1807401 2009-10-07T20:59:56Z high alch value for perfect gold ore
1648040 2009-08-21T16:09:20Z TehKittyBot Image: → File: conversion, please report errors to [[User:Catcrewser|TehKittyCat]].
1410891 2009-06-16T13:26:26Z ButterBot [[RS:SG]], tradable to tradeable
1311864 2009-05-21T14:38:16Z Katshuma
944967 2009-02-16T11:59:09Z I Might Kil0 Corrected spelling/grammar
900359 2009-01-31T19:25:53Z Tomash Angel Undid revision 900357 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]])
900357 2009-01-31T19:24:47Z
888495 2009-01-28T09:07:59Z Ode178
597821 2008-09-28T02:20:06Z Vaccanoll
470618 2008-06-15T05:01:34Z Chicken7
462501 2008-06-10T00:53:57Z Derilith
415881 2008-04-25T14:56:55Z Smart28
408711 2008-04-19T06:43:20Z Makemesmile
330017 2008-02-05T10:32:24Z RFZ
288108 2007-12-22T14:55:06Z Dudemaster Expanded
285424 2007-12-18T18:05:46Z
258906 2007-11-10T02:15:08Z
251119 2007-10-27T03:17:20Z Shoby4
229304 2007-09-23T04:01:31Z Skill
210245 2007-08-16T14:27:14Z Atlandy
183338 2007-06-29T12:21:58Z Pointy Replaced jpg image with png version
161912 2007-06-02T07:29:11Z Emosworld
142877 2007-05-18T08:10:28Z Katshuma
111063 2007-04-17T22:42:03Z Mathwhiz90601
91208 2007-03-27T08:09:38Z Kakashi0070
91082 2007-03-27T02:09:39Z Kakashi0070
91079 2007-03-27T02:08:20Z Kakashi0070 New page: {{Infobox Item |name='Perfect' gold ore |image=[[Image:'perfect' gold ore.JPG]] |members=Yes |quest=Yes |tradable=No |high= N/A |low= N/A |store= N/A |street= N/A |examine= |weight= 0 }}...

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