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Adamant 2h sword
Adamant 2h sword
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update unknown) edit
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High alch 3,840 coins
Low alch 2,560 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 6,400 coins
Exchange price 9,532 coins (info)
Buy limit 100
Examine A two-handed sword.
Weight 4 kg
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The Adamant two-handed sword is a tier above the mithril two-handed sword and a tier below the rune two-handed sword. Like all Adamant weapons, it requires 40 Attack to wield. Being a two-handed weapon, a shield cannot be equipped with it. It is also considerably cheaper than its rune counterpart so lower levels may find it more convenient regarding the cost. At level 84 Smithing, a player may smith one using 3 adamant bars, giving the player 187.5 Smithing experience, alternatively it may be bought at Gaius's Two-Handed Shop in north Burthorpe.
Combat Stats160x350px
Skill requirements
40 Attack-icon
Attack Melee2h slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Greater demon821Common
Iron dragon981Common
Spiritual warrior981Uncommon
Brutal green dragon1051Uncommon
King Black Dragon2761Uncommon
Cyclops57; 63; 68; 911Rare


  • The Adamant 2h sword was once the most powerful sword in the game, that is, until Runite was introduced to RuneScape and the Rune 2h sword became most powerful, being beaten again, by the Dragon 2h sword.
  • Like all other adamant weapons, the Adamant 2h sword previously required 30 Attack to wield; this was changed to 40 Attack with the Evolution of Combat.
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
N/A 8th Strongest two-handed sword in RuneScape Rune 2h sword
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
N/A Strongest weapon in RuneScape Rune sword
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
N/A Most accurate weapon in RuneScape Rune warhammer
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
N/A Strongest non-degradable weapon in F2P RuneScape Rune sword
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