Advanced Pickpocketing was released along with the Lost Her Marbles​ caper, which is a miniquest from the Thieves Guild. Upon completing the Caper, speaking to Chief Thief Robin will result in the player gaining 5000 Thieving Experience, and unlocking Advanced Pickpocketing for all pickpocketable NPCs up to level 40.

Advanced Pickpocketing Rewards by NPCEdit

Image NPC Drop Chance (with advanced pickpocketing)
File:Man icon.png Man/Woman 20 coins
File:Farmer icon.png Farmer
File:H.A.M. Member (female) icon.png Female H.A.M. member
File:H.A.M. Member (male) icon.png Male H.A.M. member
File:Warrior woman icon.png Warrior
File:Rogue icon.png Rogue
File:Cave goblin icon.png Cave goblin
File:Master farmer icon.png Master farmer
  • 14% Sweetcorn Seed
  • 10% Barley Seed
  • 9% Tomato Seed
  • 6% Hammerstone Seed
  • 5% Jute Seed
  • 5% Asgarnian Seed
  • 4% Jangerberry Seed
  • 4% Strawberry Seed
  • 3% Rosemary Seed
  • 2% Nasturtium Seed
  • 2% Marigold Seed
  • 2% Tarromin Seed
  • Less than or equal to 1% chance for every other seed (Including potatoes and onions)

*Percent values based on chance of pickpocketing the item, not the amount received.

File:Guard icon.png Guard Varies 30-60 coins

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