This is a list of messages that the Adventurer's Log gives after a quest is completed.

Non-members' questsEdit

Name Message
Black Knights' Fortress I managed to infiltrate the Black Knights and defeat a witch, foiling their evil plans.
Blood Pact, The I defeated a trio of Zamorakian cultists in the catacombs beneath Lumbridge Church.
Cook's Assistant The Duke got his birthday cake, with little or no help from his incompetent chef.
Death of Chivalry, The I managed to infiltrate the Black Knights and defeat a witch, foiling their evil plans.
Death Plateau After helping Denulth to locate an alternate route up Death Plateau, I was made an honourary member of the Imperial Guard!
Demon Slayer I slew a demon, just as destiny said I would. First I had to unlock the box that contained the demon-slaying sword, Silverlight.
Dragon Slayer To prove my worthiness to wear rune armour and join the Champions' Guild, I travelled to Crandor and slew the dread dragon Elvarg.
Druidic Ritual The druids' shopping list did have a purpose after all. I've helped them to secure the blessing of Guthix in the war against the trolls.
Ernest the Chicken I saved Ernest, a crazy scientist, from living his life as a chicken.
Goblin Diplomacy I dyed armour different colours to help the goblin generals decide which colour they liked. They ended up where they started, and they stopped fighting!
Gunnar's Ground I brought peace to the barbarians of Gunnarsgrunn, and helped a dwarf find love.
Imp Catcher I travelled all over Gielinor catching Imps for Wizard Mizmog, it was tricky, but now the Wizard's guild can live with their magic beads again.
Knight's Sword, The It may not be the original, but my version of Sir Vyvin's sword is nearly identical. I may have just saved the squire's job!
Let Them Eat Pie
Myths of the White Lands The imps had been playing a prank on Explorer Jack all along! That should teach him a smelly lesson!
Pirate's Treasure I incurred the wrath of an angry gardener by digging up some treasure.
Prince Ali Rescue The rescue could hardly have gone better: Lady Keli has been foiled and the Prince is back where he belongs.
Restless Ghost, The I have successfully obtained the skull to its original body and now the spirit is set free.
Romeo & Juliet Love has followed its true course, even if that happens to be a meandering one between three different people.
Rune Mysteries I helped Ariane enter the ruins beneath the Wizards' Tower and restore the enchantment that kept the wraiths of old wizards trapped there.
Shadow over Ashdale, A I defeated Agoroth, the crassians' leader, and freed the people of Ashdale.
Shield of Arrav A friend and I managed to recover the Shield of Arrav from gang members and put it where it belongs - in a museum.
Stolen Hearts
Swept Away Which witch is the greatest witch? I have an itching feeling that it may be me! I have learnt from the best and now I've gained my very own witching broom.
Unstable Foundations I found myself in the strange world of RuneScape, only to be confronted by a lumbering dragon! Still, I played my part and saved Lumbridge with Sir Vant.
Vampyre Slayer Count Draynor never knew what hit him! I took the vampiric count down with the well-timed use of a stake and some garlic.
What's Mine is Yours Who says you don't get rewarded for doing favours? I can now use Doric's anvil whenever I fancy.
Witch's Potion I've got the makings of a top-class witch! I created a witch's brew with a little help from Hetty.
Wolf Whistle I saved the druid Bowloftrix from some trolls in a well using the awesome power of the giant wolpertinger spirit.

Members' questsEdit

Name Message
All Fired Up King Roald's beacon network has been tested and it works a treat. I can return to complete the beacon run whenever I want and learn a little about Firemaking as I do so.
Animal Magnetism Now I know what makes the perfect bed - undead feathers, it seems - and I've got a useful little attractor into the bargain.
Another Slice of H.A.M. Sigmund tied Zanik to a railway track, but I rescued her in the nick of time! The goblin Grubfoot believes Zanik is the 'Chosen Commander'.
As a First Resort... Balnea’s entrepreneurial spirit turned Oo'glog into a successful holiday resort for weary adventurers, if you like mud...
Back to my Roots I successfully navigated the vine maze to get a cutting of a very rare vine for Lord Handelmort.
Between a Rock... A dwarf miner opened up a magical gold rock - by firing me at it from a cannon! Inside I had to fight a demon.
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Rantz may be big, but he's not a patch on me and my chompy hunting. My mouth waters thinking of a chompy burger.
Biohazard With the help of the chemist, some couriers and Guidor, Elena and I found out the plague in West Ardougne was a lie!
Blood Runs Deep A new dagannoth mother threatened civilisation itself around the northern seas, but with a mighty force of Fremennik and their allies at my back, I have trapped her.
Branches of Darkmeyer, The I worked with Vanescula to infiltrate Darkmeyer and create new weapons to harm the vampyres, before defeating Vanstrom. The Myreque were happy, but are worried about their future.
Brink of Extinction, The I prevented a TokHaar plot to cool the TzHaar City volcano, and resolved their conflict with the Ga'al. I have become an honorary TzHaar.
Broken Home I entered the haunted mansion and dealt with the ghost of Ormod Gulvas, breaking the curse on Senecianus in the process.
Buyers and Cellars With stealth and misdirection I secured the funds to get the Thieves' Guild of Lumbridge up and running.
Cabin Fever I became a pirate by helping Bill Teach sail The Adventurous safely through an attack by a captain he may have insulted in a pub
Call of the Ancestors I discovered a truly ancient Goebie, and helped three young goebs harness the powers of Mazcab.
Carnillean Rising I got Philipe Carnillean to grow up and stop being a brat.
Catapult Construction I’ve helped the Tyras Camp - for a change - by repairing their rotten catapult. Their catapult engineer was useless!
Chosen Commander, The The god Bandos tried to take command of all goblins, using Zanik as his avatar. It looked hopeless, but, in the end, we beat him.
Clock Tower The puzzle of the tower has been restored!
Clockwork Syringe, A I prevailed over Rabid Jack's minions in their most recent dastardly plot to destroy the world with Zombio-mechanical weaponry.
Cold War Having snuck into their research lab, I discovered Larry was right: the penguins are not only planning an invasion, but they stole my penguin suit and plan to use it against us.
Contact! I kept my promise to Maisa and brought Osman to see her. As a result, the Sophanem exiles have returned and the city is bustling again.
Creature of Fenkenstrain It was a dark errand indeed, but the corpse has been reanimated and I've 'persuaded' Fenkenstrain to part with the Ring of Charos!
Curse of Arrav, The Good news at last: Arrav's heart has been reclaimed and we have a chance of freeing him from Zemouregal's clutches.
Darkness of Hallowvale Hallowvale really does need some kind of town planning or restructuring. Vanstrom may have used me as a punchbag, but I'll be back.
Deadliest Catch I helped Jones hunt down the deadly sea creature.
Dealing with Scabaras I’ve avenged Kaleef’s death by neutralising the threat of the Scabarites - even their High Priest is pacified.
Death to the Dorgeshuun I met Zanik, the cave goblin adventurer, and we stopped Sigmund's plot against Dorgesh-Kaan. Zanik died, but a strange force brought her back.
Defender of Varrock Not a week goes by without Varrock becoming the target of some dark and malevolent force! I've pushed back the waves of zombies and defied Zemouregal.
Desert Treasure After recovering the Four Diamonds of Azzanadra, I found a strange being in the heart of a pyramid who taught me a thing or two about magic.
Devious Minds I was duped into helping an assassin steal a relic from Entrana, but at least the Temple Knights are investigating these events.
Diamond in the Rough
Digsite Quest I'm now a qualified archaeologist, having learned from the best at the Digsite and found a mysterious cavern with strange symbols.
Dimension of Disaster
Dishonour among Thieves I took part in a daring raid on Sliske's lair to recover the Stone of Jas.
Do No Evil After much monkey business, colony building and general chimpish shenanigans, I returned the monkeys to the desert, uncovered an ancient feud and restored Apmeken.
Dream Mentor I met Cyrisus and travelled the strange dream land again. Hopefully, he’s still off adventuring.
Druidic Ritual
(Prior to 31 January 2012)
The druids' shopping list did have a purpose after all. I'm now a proud practician of the Herblore skill.
Dwarf Cannon I helped defend a dwarven outpost against goblins. Once I had repaired the dwarf cannon, the goblins stood no chance!
Eadgar's Ruse By employing a cunning parrot-based ruse, I was able to obtain some goutweed for Sanfew.
Eagles' Peak Nickolaus was saved from his troubles by a cunning eagle disguise. I can’t believe the eagles bought it!
Elder Kiln, The I journeyed to the Elder Kiln, uncovered the TokHaar and combined Ga'al-Xox with tokkul. The consequences of this have not been felt, yet...
Elemental Workshop I I discovered a workshop hidden beneath Seers' Village in which I learned how to create and smith elemental metal into a shield with magical defence.
Elemental Workshop II Documents from the Digsite Exam Centre led me deeper into the elemental workshop, where I learned to infuse elemental metal with the power of the mind.
Elemental Workshop III I used the machine found in the body room to make new body armour.
Elemental Workshop IV I made some chaos boots from the bar I powered up in the chaos machine.
Enakhra's Lament I freed Akthanakos from his boneguard curse, which enraged his rival, Enakhra. They’ve both gone north to continue their battle.
Enlightened Journey Auguste and I managed to successfully fly the balloon from Entrana to Taverley. Auguste plans on exploring more routes and perhaps starting a business.
Eyes of Glouphrie, The Those cute creatures were illusions that disguised evil watchers, spies of Glouphrie! Fortunately, Oaknock’s machine revealed the truth.
Fairy Tale Part I, A My travails in Zanaris led me to a fight with a tanglefoot! I finished it off with ease and returned to the Fairy Godfather for my reward.
Fairy Tale Part II, A The Fairy Queen hasn't regained her throne...yet. War must be prepared and troops mustered before the Godfather can sleep with the fishes.
Fairy Tale Part III, A I've helped restore Fairy Queen to the throne sending the Evil Fairy Godfather through the rift never to be seen again.
Family Crest The crest of the Fitzharmon family was scattered all over Gielinor! Its recovery means Dimintheis's estate is safe.
Fate of the Gods Zaros has returned...
Feud, The I tried to resolve the conflict between the Menaphites and the bandits, but they were hard to please. I found out what became of Ali Morrisane’s nephew, though.
Fight Arena Khazard is a Mahjarrat! Fortunately, his days as a slaver are over. He couldn’t bear with the loss of his dog, Bouncer!
Fishing Contest I beat a vampire and surfer dude by catching the biggest fish at the fishing contest and won the trophy!
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf I investigated a Red Axe threat to Keldagrim...and I don't remember what happened next. I keep thinking about beer and kebabs.
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Veldaban and I broke into the Red Axe base. They had killed his girlfriend and wiped his memory of her; he vowed to stop them.
Fremennik Isles, The Warring isles Neitiznot and Jatizso aren’t quite at peace, but the trolls that attacked them will be a threat no more, thanks to me.
Fremennik Trials, The By proving my might, my cunning and lots of other things, I have become an honorary Fremennik and been awarded a new name.
Fur 'n' Seek The Odd Old Man wanted some pelts to go with his bones. What exactly is he trying to do with all that stuff?
Garden of Tranquility Queen Ellamaria isn't a particularly friendly woman, but I think she's delighted with the garden I made for her.
Gertrude's Cat Gertrude's cat, the little scamp, had made its way over to the lumber yard! Still, I rescued it, and its kittens are now safe and sound.
Ghosts Ahoy Necrovarus's mind was mine! Alright, it was just for a moment, but I made the evil shade give up his control over the people of Phasmatys.
Giant Dwarf, The On my first trip to Keldagrim, the boat destroyed the statue of the king. I got it rebuilt with the head of a company leader.
Glorious Memories Settling a fifteen-year-old grudge, I brought dignitaries from across the Fremennik Province together for Chieftain Brundt’s birthday feast.
Golem, The The clay golem had been guarding Uzer for centuries, not knowing that its task was complete. I investigated and put its mind to rest.
Grand Tree, The Glough’s evil plans have been foiled! The Grand Tree is safe from his threats...for now!
Great Brain Robbery, The I thwarted the plans of a zombie pirate surgeon and helped the monks of Harmony get their brains back into the right bodies.
Grim Tales The bigger they are, the harder they fall! The giant has taken a fair old beating, and this grim tale has come to a rather satisfying end.
Hand in the Sand, The I helped Bert solve the mystery of the hand that turned up in his sandpit, and also found out that sandpits refill by magic!
Haunted Mine Deep beneath Morytania, I dodged pickaxes, puzzled with minecarts and collected fungi. Not only that, but I defeated Treus and collected a salve shard!
Hazeel Cult I resolved a long-standing feud between the Carnilleans (one of the Ardougne’s founding families) and the Cult of Hazeel (followers of a Zamorakian Mahjarrat). Only one was happy with the outcome...
Heart of Stone I helped Ariane foil an attempt to drain the world of magic and learnt about the elder gods.
Hero's Welcome I battled a dangerous abomination and avenged the death of V.
Heroes' Quest I should be proud, as few are eligible to enter the notoriously exclusive Heroes' Guild. Nothing can stop me now.
Holy Grail I defeated the Black Knight Titan and restored peace and happiness to the Fisher King's kingdom. I also found the Holy Grail.
Horror from the Deep A foul and horrible creature dwelt below the lighthouse. I have slain it, but the lighthouse keeper, Silas, remains missing.
Hunt for Red Raktuber The penguins were two flipper-steps ahead of me! Not only do they have Larry, but they’re in league with the Red Axe.
Icthlarin's Little Helper I was being controlled through visions, but my mind is my own again, after the god of the dead intervened with the Devourer’s mind control.
In Aid of the Myreque Burgh de Rott almost resembles a functioning town and, with the silvthrill rod, the Myreque may even have a chance.
In Pyre Need I fulfilled the dreams of an old priest of Guthix by helping a wounded phoenix to be reborn.
In Search of the Myreque Vanstrom set his hound on both me and the Myreque, but he'll need to do more than that. Who knows, perhaps we have him on the back foot?
Jungle Potion Using my extensive knowledge of Herblore, I managed to put together the potion that Trufitus required. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble!
Kennith's Concerns Kennith was a strange and slightly uncomfortable child to be around! I always had an inkling that he was behind this.
King's Ransom After freeing the Knights of the Round Table, I got a spell from Wizard Cromperty that freed King Arthur from his stone prison in the Black Knights' Fortress.
Land of the Goblins Grubfoot had a dream about the 'Land of the Goblins', which Zanik and I investigated. We found a world shattered by war, and Zanik disappeared.
Legacy of Seergaze The Myreque and I worked together to create a weapon capable of defeating vampyres – the Ivandis Flail. The humans of Morytania are one step closer to freedom.
Legends' Quest To gain access to the Legends’ Guild, I explored the depths of the Kharazi Jungle and defeated the demon Nezikchened. The locals rewarded me with a totem pole.
Light Within, The I helped return the light of Seren to the world by reforging her body and soul.
Lord of Vampyrium, The The Myreque and I attempted to assassinate Lord Drakan. Things did not go to plan.
Lost City It looks like I beat that warrior, ranger, mage and monk to it! I've got myself a dramen staff and I can travel to Zanaris whenever I fancy.
Lost Tribe, The I've discovered a lost tribe of goblins living under Lumbridge! They seem to be harmless, but Sigmund and the H.A.M. group are plotting against them.
Love Story After a lot of fighting, I reunited the Wise Old Man with his lost love.
Lunar Diplomacy I now know the mystical Moon Clan fairly well and they can hopefully start to live in peace with the Fremennik.
Making History The history behind the outpost has been solved; I’d never have thought it would be so intricate!
Meeting History I travelled back through time and helped out a poor family, and discovered "how it all began"!
Merlin's Crystal Merlin was trapped in a crystal by Morgan Le Fay, but I freed him using an ancient spell. I am now a Knight of the Round Table.
Mighty Fall, The I fought in a tournament honouring Bandos and chose the next leader of his people.
Missing My Mummy I’ve reconstructed the mummy in the pyramid near Uzer, so I can now talk with her and learn ancient secrets.
Missing, Presumed Death I saved Death from Sliske, after hearing him announce that he would give the Stone of Jas to the person that could kill the most gods.
Monkey Madness During a mission to Ape Atoll I uncovered a plot against humankind. With the help of the 10th Squad, I’ve put an end to Glough’s scheme.
Monk's Friend Nothing like a blanket to calm a crying baby! Who would have thought that monks were so good at partying?
Mountain Daughter To put Asleif, the mountain daughter, to rest, I settled her father’s dispute with the Fremennik and risked my life against a man in a bear suit.
Mourning's Ends Part I I successfully infiltrated the mourners' hideout in West Ardougne to learn that they are trying to excavate a lost temple in the caverns below.
Mourning's Ends Part II I managed to get access to the Temple of Light, where I reactivated the temple's defences after solving a giant puzzle involving light.
Murder Mystery I solved the murder of Lord Sinclair by examining all the evidence and using deductive reasoning.
My Arm's Big Adventure I've taught My Arm how to grow goutweed and he's very happy. Hopefully, he'll never bother those jungle villagers again.
Nature Spirit I braved the ghasts of Mort Myre and aided the ghost of Filliman Tarlock to become a nature spirit.
Nomad's Requiem I foiled Nomad's secret plans behind Soul Wars, leaving the battleground in the hands of Zimberfizz.
Observatory Quest I soon fixed the professor’s telescope after it was destroyed by those pesky goblins.
Olaf's Quest I fought and puzzled my way through the brine rat caves to help Olaf Hradson live up to his great ancestors.
One of a Kind I have rescued Hannibus from his stone prison and helped determine his future and the future of the Ilujanka.
One Piercing Note I discovered the identity of the murderer in the Citharede Abbey.
One Small Favour Offering to do ‘one small favour’ for Yanni Salika of Shilo led to doing the same for a forester, Captain Shanks, Brian, Aggie, Jimmy the Chisel, Farmer Fred...
Path of Glouphrie, The Proof of the lost city of Arposandra has been discovered! Glouphrie’s threats aren’t over!
Perils of Ice Mountain A dragon-fuelled power station was destroying the environment around Ice Mountain. I managed to replace it with a wind-powered station.
Plague City Elena, daughter of Edmond in Ardougne, was kidnapped, but, following some smooth investigation into West Ardougne, I located and returned her to her father.
Plague's End I ended the plague of West Ardougne and activated the Seal of Seren in the Grand Library of Prifddinas.
Priest in Peril No wonder Paterdomus Temple was unable to send a message to Varrock: there was a guardian, monks of Zamorak and even a vampire in the way!
Prisoner of Glouphrie, The With a bit of help, I infiltrated the underground area of Arposandra and rescued a high profile prisoner.
Quiet Before the Swarm Overcoming many challenges, I unlocked Korasi's memory and learned of the pest attack on the Void Knight ship.
Rag and Bone Man The Odd Old Man wanted some bones. Or was it his bonesack? Will we ever know?
Rat Catchers After training my pet cat to catch rats in various odd places, I gained access to the Rat Pits, where I can challenge other cat owners.
Recipe for Disaster The Culinaromancer has been given his just desserts and the Duke's party can go on unhindered.
Recruitment Drive Through a series of trials that tested my wit, I became an initiate in the Temple Knights.
Regicide I was tricked all along by King Lathas to believe his brother Tyras was evil. I killed Tyras only to learn Lathas wants to help the mourners bring their 'Dark Lord' back!
Ritual of the Mahjarrat I took part in a huge Mahjarrat ritual, encountered a new breed of enemy and helped hide an ancient relic.
Rocking Out I heard the story of Rabid Jack from Young Ralph after bringing him five captain’s marks and firing a seagull at him using an accordion.
Roving Elves After retrieving Glarial’s consecration seed from the tomb guardian, I used it to consecrate Glarial’s grave for her grandson, Islwyn.
Royal Trouble Wayward Fremennik trialists brought Miscellania and Etceteria to the brink of war once more, not to mention almost getting themselves eaten by a giant snake. I’ve brought the islands and their leaders closer than ever.
Rum Deal I restored the production line of ‘Rum’ and broke drunken Donnie’s undead siege on Braindeath Isle.
Rune Mechanics With very little of Clerval's help, we managed to make a rune guardian Pet.
Rune Memories I helped Ariane discover what happened to the old Wizards' Tower, and stop a secret Zamorakian from destroying the new one.
Salt in the Wound I teamed up with Kennith, Ezekial and Eva to put an end to the slug menace.
Scorpion Catcher Thormac the sorcerer’s pet scorpions got out! As a reward for rounding them up, he’ll enchant any battlestaves I have into mystic battlestaves.
Sea Slug I may have saved young Kennith from a life as a mindless automaton, but the sea slugs are still about. Perhaps I will have a chance to get rid of them some day.
Shades of Mort'ton After fighting back waves of shades, some other adventurers and I rebuilt the temple at Mort’ton and found a cure for the afflicted locals.
Shadow of the Storm I joined a demon-summoning group in order to kill the demon when it was summoned. It turned out the group leader was the demon!
Sheep Herder In the short term, plague-infested sheep may have been an interesting attraction for Ardougne. That would never have lasted, so I have rounded them up.
Shilo Village I rediscovered the lost temple of Ah Za Rhoon on Karamja and laid the zombie queen Rashiliyia to rest, in turn easing Shilo Village's undead problem.
Slug Menace I can't imagine that Mother Mallum is going to remain underground for long. Although I may have gone some way to protecting Witchaven, the rest of RuneScape may be another matter.
Smoking Kills Forget about smoking doing the killing, what about giant banshees? I've managed to make my way out of the smoky Slayer dungeon and gained a new Slayer master.
Song from the Depths I saved the souls of Rimmington's inhabitants by awaking Remora, who was killed by the Queen Black Dragon during our escape.
Soul's Bane, A I found and rescued the poor kid Tolna. That dungeon really was a mix of emotions.
Spirit of Summer I followed the spirit of a small child into the Wilderness and, through the power of mime, have managed to communicate with them, help them out and make their afterlives easier.
Spirits of the Elid Water has returned to the parched valley of the Elid. All I had to do was coerce a genie into helping, and remove some golem obstacles.
Summer's End The spirit family is free. It was no easy task - the Corporeal Beast was a hulking foe with a chip on its shoulder, and it required some daring.
Swan Song Now that the Piscatoris fishing colony is safe, the Wise Old Man has returned to Draynor to retire from his adventurous life.
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio The three Tai Bwo Wannai brothers have returned to the village after much persuasion. I'm now free to use the shops of Tai Bwo Wannai as I please.
Tail of Two Cats, A The simple task of looking for Bob got a little more complex. It seems that Bob may - or may not - have been Robert the Strong, a fearsome hero of years past.
Tale of the Muspah, The I’ve learned more about the Mahjarrat and found Jhallan a place to hibernate under the ritual stone.
Tears of Guthix The snake Juna guards the magical Tears of Guthix. I told her a story and she let me catch the tears in a special bowl.
Temple of Ikov A mysterious stranger called Lucien hired me to steal the Staff of Armadyl from the Temple of Ikov. I had no idea it was a god weapon!
The Temple at Senntisten I aided Azzanadra, my Mahjarrat ally, in rebuilding Senntisten Temple under the Digsite. He used the altar there to contact Zaros!
Throne of Miscellania The King of Miscellania has made me Regent in return for preventing war against Etceteria, and because I’m engaged to be married into his family.
TokTz-Ket-Dill Who'd have thought that the TzHaar could be terrorised by a malevolent armadillo? Through a little mining and lots of theatre, I completed my task.
Tourist Trap, The Got something to hide? Stick it in a barrel! I've returned Ana to Irena and the tourist trap has been well and truly sprung.
Tower of Life As I learned the contrast between magic and logic, the homunculus was created. I set out to help him find his place in this world.
Tree Gnome Village Khazard’s attempt to weaken the defences of the Tree Gnome village have been stymied! The village is safe again.
Tribal Totem Kangai Mau of the Rantuki asked me to “retrieve” his tribe’s totem, which was stolen by Lord Handelmort of Ardougne.
Troll Romance After a quick spot of alpine sledding, I was able to help Ug and Aga find true love and live happily ever after.
Troll Stronghold Mountain climbing, gladiatorial combat and a prison break – it's all part of a day’s work as an honorary member of the Imperial Guard!
Underground Pass The passage to the western lands was no pushover, but I conquered the puzzles, traps, and threat of Iban to once again restore access.
Void Dance, A I tracked the escaped void pest, and discovered its fate and a number of disturbing implications...
Void Stares Back, The I led an alliance of knights against the Pest Queen and defeated her.
Wanted! As a shortcut to being deputised into the White Knights, I tracked down and defeated the dangerous mage known as Solus Dellagar.
Watchtower The ogres and their skavid slaves had stolen the Watchtower’s crystals! They have been retrieved and Yanille is safe again.
Waterfall Quest What started off as a rescue led to finding an old elven burial area in a waterfall: the resting place of Glarial.
What Lies Below Surok Magis wanted to kill King Roald and take over Varrock with his magic, but his evil plan has been scuppered!
While Guthix Sleeps I uncovered RuneScape’s biggest secret – the Stone of Jas! That blasted Mahjarrat, Lucien, stole it, killing many of my friends in the process.
Witch's House When I lost a ball as a child, it would only involve chatting to the friendly neighbour. This quest involved a little more: some witch-dodging and even shapeshifter fighting!
Within the Light The reactivation of the Temple of Light's defences opened a path of light to an unknown area.
World Wakes, The I witnessed the beginning of the Sixth Age, and became a world guardian to defend Gielinor against the gods.
Wolf Whistle
(Prior to 31 January 2012)
Clearing Pikkupstix's attic required a spirit wolf and a little bit of bravery. I doubt I'll see a wolpertinger quite that big ever again!
Zogre Flesh Eaters After overcoming disease-ridden zogres, I’ve returned important artefacts to Grish, so he can now set up a ceremonial dance area for the ogres.

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