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This is the quick guide for All Fired Up.
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Walkthrough Edit

Start pointQuest map icon Talk to King Roald in the Varrock Palace Throne room.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • 45 logs of any, but similar type (2 sets of 20, 1 set of 5)


  • Bring the items above in the form of the first 20 logs, a hatchet for cutting the other 20 logs from the normal trees between the beacons, and 5 logs of any type to relight the first beacon, along with the required tinderbox.
  • Equipping a Seer's Headband can speed this already short quest up considerably.
  • Any weight reducing items can help since carrying the logs slows the player down, also explorer ring can help recharge energy.
  • Players can also use the salt-water spring in Oo'glog for a temporary, unlimited run energy boost
  • Varrock teleport runes
Enemies to defeat None

Getting StartedEdit

Tending the BeaconsEdit

File:All Fired Up quest beacons.png
  • Light the nearby beacon with twenty Logs.
  • Talk to Blaze again.
  • Chop 20 logs on the way to Squire Fyre if you don't already have them.
  • Light the beacon West-Northwest of the Odd Old Man with twenty logs.

Finishing UpEdit

  • Go back to Blaze and talk to him.
  • Use five logs on the nearby beacon.
  • Talk to Blaze.
  • Talk to King Roald.
  • Quest complete!

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