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This is the quick guide for Back to my Roots.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Horacio outside Lord Handelmort's mansion, in East Ardougne.
Official difficultyMaster Master
Quest Quests:
  • 72 Woodcutting-icon Woodcutting
  • Skill boosts are not allowed (Horacio will not talk to you about the quest until you have all the requirements).
  • Must be able to defeat a level 43 foe with a hatchet.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Recommended Items:

Enemies to defeat Wild jade vine (Level 43)

Starting outEdit

File:Back to my Roots maze entrance.png
  • Talk to Horacio in East Ardougne and accept the quest. (Chat options 2-2-1)
  • Talk to Wizard Cromperty to the north-east.
  • Talk to an RPDT employee south of the southern bank in Ardougne.
  • Open the package on the table.
  • Go back and talk to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Make a pot lid (any pot lid acquired before this point will not work).
  • Talk to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Talk to Garth, the farmer located at the fruit tree patch in Brimhaven.

Karamja vine mazeEdit

File:Jade vine maze map.png
  • Enter the maze from the north.
  • Navigate the maze to reach the roots using the solution provided.
  • Once you reach the root, dig up loose soil patches around the trunk.
  • Cut the root.
  • Put the root cutting in the plant pot.
  • If it does not grow, dig up and cut a different root and try again until it does grow.
  • Once it grows, use the potted plant on the normal pot to get a sealed pot.

The battleEdit

  • Go back and talk to Horacio.
  • Plant the vine in the nearby farming patch.
  • Prepare for a fight (bring super antipoisons and a hatchet as your weapon) and begin the battle.
  • Kill the vine by using a hatchet as a weapon.
  • Cut the remaining vine.
  • Talk to Horacio.
  • Quest complete!

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