Bar is a metal item that has been refined from ore, but which has not yet been made into an item such as a Weapon or a piece of armour. Ores can be mined from mines found in various places around Gielinor. Then, the ore can be smelted into bars through theSmithing skill and can then be smithed into various items, mainly weapons and armour, through the Smithing skill. As the metal used in smithing require higher grade metals the more efficient and powerful the item will be.

Some bars must be smelt with coal (e.g. runite ore), while others only require the ore itself (e.g. gold ore). The Blast Furnace can assist in the process by allowing a player to smith bars requiring only half the coal needed. However, bars such as bronze bars require copper ore and tin ore to be smelt together.

There are some quest related metal bars, such as the Elemental bar and 'Perfect' gold bar. These bars require special conditions and materials to be made then usually made into something special for use during the quest.

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