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oldid date/time username edit summary
14187766 2015-07-22T18:04:28Z Deltaslug
11914979 2014-11-25T19:30:45Z ɘ -obsolete parameter
11893554 2014-11-24T03:02:41Z ɘ fixing param name
11071853 2014-07-16T00:09:18Z CookBot Bot: replacing critical hit, zeroing out LP
11054196 2014-07-14T17:18:52Z Xyphorium With the release of legacy, armour no longer gives lifepoint bonuses.
10694312 2014-05-27T23:00:17Z Noodle Princess female image
9958481 2014-01-30T03:29:47Z Temujin96
9623509 2013-12-19T07:06:03Z HaidroBot
8925647 2013-09-17T23:31:22Z The Mol Man /* Trivia */
8380912 2013-07-05T19:33:19Z HottieBottie Visual Editor glitches fixed: fix multi spaces: 14
8380893 2013-07-05T19:22:44Z Placement.
8380891 2013-07-05T19:20:24Z
8139579 2013-06-02T09:30:10Z Cåmdroid clean up, replaced: {{Infobox Bonuses Beta → {{Infobox Bonuses
8029709 2013-05-09T09:06:34Z Logialian Updating armor stat
7195363 2013-01-24T21:32:19Z
7113183 2013-01-16T00:09:27Z
6824482 2012-12-10T21:58:57Z Jarcionek It does not require magic!
6758854 2012-12-03T10:19:12Z Temujin96
6677115 2012-11-24T22:05:59Z Stormpride
6666310 2012-11-23T11:23:50Z BrainBot
6654262 2012-11-22T20:00:20Z
6631468 2012-11-21T16:00:25Z Mage Hybrid
6613994 2012-11-21T05:41:30Z Blaze fire12 copypasta
6613956 2012-11-21T05:40:03Z Temujin96 Updated with new information
6594797 2012-11-20T13:07:27Z
6593780 2012-11-20T11:34:55Z Cook Me Plox
6589303 2012-11-20T01:04:03Z Cook Me Plox
6589301 2012-11-20T01:03:57Z Cook Me Plox Cook Me Plox moved [[Beta:Batwing torso]] to [[Batwing torso]] over redirect: Beta to main
6565269 2012-11-17T07:01:25Z Cook Me Plox
6563762 2012-11-16T10:36:35Z Cook Me Plox
6530203 2012-11-04T00:57:34Z Halta Nisse How to make
6527664 2012-11-03T09:59:41Z CookBot Replacing template parameters using AWB
6130008 2012-08-22T23:26:54Z Hallowland /* See also */
6031997 2012-08-03T06:04:01Z CookBot
5955505 2012-07-19T00:51:56Z Aximillio
5955110 2012-07-19T00:09:47Z Aximillio
5909885 2012-07-08T19:58:16Z Spineweilder Creating page with '{{Infobox Item |name = Batwing torso |image = [[File:Batwing torso.png]] |release = [[26 June]] [[2012]] |update = Evolution of Combat Beta – Live! |members = No |quest = N...'

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