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Birthright of the Dwarves is a grandmaster quest, and the final quest in the Rise of the Red Axe quest series. During the quest, King Veldaban decides to take action against the Red Axe rather than waiting for them to strike. All of the world's dwarves were graphically updated with the quest's release.

It contains what is widely considered to be one of the most difficult quest boss fights in the game, harder than even The Brink of Extinction and almost on par with Nomad's Requiem.


Start pointQuest map icon Speak to King Veldaban on the top floor of Keldagrim Palace
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
LengthLong (1-2 hours)
Quest Quests:

(Boosts will work and are only needed to start the quest; keep in mind a (mature) dwarven stout reduces your strength level.) Recommended:

Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Combat gear and food will be helpful.
Enemies to defeat

Only a KingEdit

File:Birthright of the Dwarves start.png

Speak to Veldaban on the top floor of Keldagrim palace (Boost before you talk to him. If you're drinking a Dwarven Stout (m), remember to bring a super restore if your strength is not at least level 85). Ask him what he'll do now that he's king, and he'll explain all the problems he's having ruling Keldagrim, both domestically and externally. Then ask him what he's going to do about his problems. He'll say that his main concern is the Red Axe. He's worried about what Hreidmar has been doing since his last plot was foiled. Veldaban wants to use the Dwarven Black Guard and his new allies among the trolls to attack the Red Axe's base, but he wants your help to do so, as you're the only one he trusts.

There are three main things he wants doing.

Firstly, Lieutenant Brae has rounded up some suspected Red Axe spies, which she's holding in Keldagrim West's records chamber. She wants you to find out if they're really spies.

Secondly, he wants you to go to Taverley Dungeon and kill some chaos dwarves there to see if they have any clues as to what the Red Axe is up to.

Finally, he wishes for you to go to Yanille, to see if the Watchtower Wizard can lend any help against the ogre shaman's memory-altering magic with their experience in defending against the ones in Gu'tanoth.

Veldaban gives you a royal dwarven seal to mark you as his agent in these tasks.

Investigating the spiesEdit

Veldaban says that Brae will explain how to go about investigating the suspected spies. He also adds that if any are found to be working with the Red Axe, the penalty is death. Any that have committed treason but cannot be linked to the Red Axe should be exiled as far from Keldagrim as possible.

Go down the west stairs twice and keep going west, past the bank and the guard HQ, to the records chamber (enter the Entrance, along the west wall). Inside you will find Lieutenant Brae with four prisoners: Brendt, Klaas, Vigr, and Grundt. Brae will explain that she cannot hold them for much longer without charging them with a crime, and asks when Veldaban is coming. You tell her he sent you instead, and show her the seal. Ask her who the suspects are.


Talk to Vigr, who is a tradesman, selling warhammers in the northeast room of the palace's ground floor, on the west side of the river. He was a member of the Red Axe prior to their banishment, but it is unknown if he still in contact with them. Vigr will not, initially, talk to a human, demanding physical proof that indicates he is a Red Axe agent.

Go to Vigr's workshop in the northeast corner of Keldagrim palace's western ground floor. It is currently bedecked in Orange Flame banners and occupied by Sieglinde, who doesn't object to the place being searched. You find a bundle of letters hidden under the furnace. They are correspondence between Vigr and a Red Axe spymaster, ceasing around the time Veldaban took the throne. Take these back to Vigr, and he will admit that he was a spy, but that the Red Axe abandoned all of its agents in Keldagrim after Veldaban was crowned. He claims that if he was contacted again, he would refuse to spy for them, and insists he is no threat to Veldaban.

Brae asks you to pass judgement at this point, and Vigr begs for mercy, asking you to send him into exile instead. The choice is up to you.


Klaas is a member of the Monarchist Society, but he's been calling for people to overthrow Veldaban on the basis of him not being the rightful king. This is treason itself, but it could be on the instigation of the Red Axe. Klaas insists that the other Monarchists agree with him, and that calling for the overthrow of an "usurper" is not treason. His reasoning for Veldaban's illegitimacy is that Veldaban has not dissolved the Consortium, and that he keeps advisers around him. He says there's been no real change since Veldaban took the throne, and that the people should depose him for the rightful king. He denies Red Axe involvement, stating that they would be worse than Veldaban, and that Meike knows he wouldn't work with them.

Go to the King's Axe Inn, south of the bank, and speak to Meike. Make sure you go through all the dialogue including asking her if he got the idea from the Red Axe, which should come up after you've asked her about the idea. She knows that Klaas was asking for a revolution, but she says that being involved with the Red Axe doesn't fit the Klaas she knows.

Go back to the records chamber and talk to Klaas again, telling him that Meike has vouched for him. When Brae tells you it's time to pass judgement, he will reiterate that he doesn't recognise the authority of the king. You can choose to let him go, execute him or exile him.

Brendt and GrundtEdit

Brendt and Grundt are traders who were arrested on Jatizso after they mentioned the Red Axe while picking up an ore shipment from King Sorvott. The length of time that they stayed on the island, after their business was done, raised suspicion of them being spies. They both claim they were there to pick up an ore shipment they'd bought.

Ask Brendt why King Sorvott said he'd mentioned the Red Axe, and Brendt will explain that the king was mistaken by the nickname of their ship's captain, named Redaxe for his red, axe-shaped beard.

Cross over to Grundt and ask what the captain's nickname was, and he'll say that the captain was named Sigridsdottir, a female name, and he doesn't know if she had one. When you ask him about the King's claim, he'll stammer his way through an explanation about carrying a literal red axe.

Go back to Brendt, and ask him what weapon Grundt carried on Jatizso. He isn't sure, and doesn't think that Grundt even took his weapon out of his cabin the whole trip.

Speak to Grundt about the captain again to reset the dialogue options, then confront Brendt with Grundt's belief that the captain was called Sigridsdottir. He'll insist that Grundt is mistaken and that the captain was called Redaxe. Brae will call on you to pass judgement, first on Brendt, then on Grundt.

Brendt is a traitor, and is unrepentant about it. Grundt is also a traitor, but he begs for his life if you choose to execute him, claiming he will never work for the Red Axe again.

Once you have decided the fates of all four suspects, report back to Veldaban. Tell him what Vigr said about the Red Axe stopping contact with their old spies, and he will conclude that they must have gone further underground to plan something more dangerous.

If you choose to execute Brendt and exile Grundt, Grundt is not in Jatizso but is replaced with Brundt while Brendt is still alive. This glitch has not been fixed.

Taverley Chaos DwarvesEdit

Veldaban is assuming that any Chaos Dwarves found in the world were created by the same process that the Red Axe used, and therefore must be linked to the rogue corporation. He wants to make sure that the Red Axe are not operating so dangerously close to both human and dwarven lands. Your mission is to go to Taverley Dungeon and keep an eye out for anything suspicious while you kill the chaos dwarves there.

Enter the dungeon and proceed to the area filled with Chaos Dwarves; players with 70+ Agility will find it quicker to go through the blue dragons and the door east of them, then proceed southeast. As you kill them you will be approached by Ikadia the Exile, the leader of the Chaos Druids, who will claim to have the information you're looking for before teleporting. Go towards the north eastern-most part of the dungeon to the chaos druid circle and speak with her again. She will offer to give you the information if you beat her in a duel. She is a level 126 mage with 10000 life points and can use abilities in combat. Her weakness is arrows, but she is fairly easy to defeat with any combat style. Once you have defeated her, she will give you the information you need and happily ask you to kill her, but you have the option not to do so.

Beware: She will use the ultimate ability Omnipower if the battle lasts long enough, which can hit 2000+.

Yanille's Watchtower WizardEdit

You will need 5 free inventory spaces to complete this part.

Veldaban knows that you once used a potion to kill the ogre shaman under Gu'Tanoth. He wants you to ask the wizard for that help again, to defend against the memory-wiping shaman employed by the Red Axe. The wizard is located on the top floor of the Watchtower.

Note: If you haven't done the Watchtower quest, simply climb up the trellis on the north face of the tower for access to it.

Mention to the wizard that you need to fight another ogre shaman, except this one is capable of erasing memories. Shocked, he will exclaim a "regular" magic ogre potion won't do the trick and the memory-wiping must be countered somehow. The wizard will give you a memory wand to calibrate first before using it against Grunsh. You may not have a follower out during this step. Use the wand on all the items (such as kebabs or beers) to release four fragments each. Catch each fragment and then investigate each red memory void. A message will appear, telling you which fragment to use on the item. A total of four fragments are needed for each category. If you get it wrong, you must collect the fragments again.

File:Birthright herding memories.png
Original object Text Correct fragment Result
Kebab Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache. File:Hreidmar fragment.png Hreidmar fragment 30px Hreidmar
Beer What would a Gnome be doing here? File:Gnome emissary fragment.png Gnome emissary fragment 30px Gnome Emissary
Beer I wonder where he got that scar. File:Grimsson fragment.png Grimsson fragment 30px Colonel Grimsson
Kebab It's not natural for a dwarf to look like that. File:Chaos dwarf fragment.png Chaos dwarf fragment 30px Chaos dwarf
File:The Director and Grimmson.png

After completing the puzzle, a cutscene will occur where the player sees the Red Axe gathering an army. Once again, Grunsh will find you eavesdropping and, instead of erasing your memory, will calibrate the wand.

Return to Veldaban with the wand to show him the Red Axe's plans.

The wand cannot be banked.

The Assault on the Red AxeEdit

File:Barendir army.png

Once you have finished all of the King's tasks, return to Veldaban and after updating him tell him you will meet him in the Barendir tunnels. You may bank with the Black Guard quartermaster. To reach the tunnels, talk to the Dwarven Boatman situated just north of the palace to travel to the area located South of Dondakan's rock and proceed to run east to the Barendir tunnels. Enter the tunnels and run north east past the sparkly crystals and enter the cave at the end. Talk to King Veldaban, at the far north of the cave, and he will instruct you to talk to Nulodion next to him. Nulodion will give you explosive gears to sabotage the cannons during the assault. Fire the cannon that is pointed at the wall, and there will be a cut-scene showing the battle against the chaos dwarves. If you die, use the boatman just north of the palace to get back to the tunnel quickly. Note that if you die your gravestone will be placed a short walk inside the tunnel.

File:Chaos dwarf lava flow mine.png

To reach the first two cannons on the middle section, run to the western part of the arena and stand behind the pillar. The cannons will fire at the pillar, and it will take two hits to be knocked down. When it's knocked down, click on it to walk across and you'll be able to disable the first two cannons. Just ignore the monsters attacking you. You may choose to kill them, but you will be under constant cannon fire. After you disable the second cannon, there will be another pillar on the east side of the middle section. Hide behind it until it also gets knocked over, then cross over to the far side and disable the last three cannons.

File:Fighting in the mine.png

Eat whenever you have to, and be sure to bring plenty of food, the Aegis aura does help (using Protect from Missiles here helps significantly, as the cannons can deal constant hits of 4400 or more damage at an alarming rate otherwise. The effects of the Divine spirit shield and its equivalents do reduce incoming cannon damage, and can be used in tandem with Protect from Missiles to reduce the damage to as little as 1300. You may also hide behind the blocks of stone strewn about the arena, but each will only withstand a few shots from the cannons before being destroyed. If a cannon is about to explode, do not stand near it. It will hit for 5,000+ damage. The boilers should also be avoided since the cannon fire will rupture them and damage anything nearby.

One strategy is to hide behind a block of stone, health up, and then use the explosive gears on the next cannon. Once the explosive has been set, run to the next block of stone, eating as you run, and repeat.

File:Grimsson escapes.png

If you teleport during the battle, when you return through the tunnels you will be denied access to the battle and told to dismiss your follower - even if you have none. Logging out and in again solves this problem. Although the room where you first met the King and were able to bank is gone, the Black Guard quartermaster will now be found outside the entrance to the lava flow mine.

If you die, your gravestone will be somewhere in the Barendir tunnel. Any cannons you have destroyed will be fully functioning again. When returning, make sure you have space to receive the Explosive gear used to destroy the cannons.

If your game continuously crashes during this section of the quest, change your game graphic settings from Open GL to Safe Mode.

Once the cannons are destroyed, head west and up a platform to confront Grimsson. He will flee in a minecart, and Veldaban will give chase. Pull the lever on top of the platform to raise the bridges, then jump in the remaining minecart to continue.

Repairing the MemoriesEdit

File:Grunsh brainwashes Veldaban.png

After getting on the minecart you will confront Hreidmar and Grimsson. (If you find yourself outside, re-enter to see the cut-scene.) The ogre will attempt to plant false memories into Veldaban, but the memory wand will be used to stop it. After that, the player, Veldaban, Grimsson, Hreidmar, and the ogre will be dragged into the false memories.

Veldaban will "remember" fighting the trolls with a Zamorakian army of dwarves in the Battle of Barendir. Grimsson will remember being in the battle, slaughtering the trolls. Hreidmar will remember being told by Zamorak himself to take the throne for himself, since he is the rightful heir.

Veldaban's MemoryEdit

The wand must be used on the royal Red Axe standard, the Zamorakian Chaplain, and the dwarf standing next to him, and the memories must be corrected like earlier in the quest. There are three of each type.

Original object Text Correct fragment Result
Chaos dwarf He doesn't want to be here. File:Conscript fragment.png Conscript fragment Dwarf conscript
Zamorakian chaplain Guthix won't help us now. File:Chaplain fragment.png Chaplain fragment Guthixian chaplain
Red Axe Standard Eight coloured segments on a flag. File:Standard fragment.png Standard fragment Consortium Standard

Grimsson's MemoryEdit

After that, you will arrive in Grimsson's memory. There are six troll fragments and six dwarf fragments. Use the wand on the two trolls directly next to Grimsson. Dwarf Bone is the name of the large troll to the right of the Small troll, not an actual dwarf bone.

File:Grimsson's memories.png
Original object Text Correct fragment Result
Dwarf Bone Broken rocks. File:Troll fragment.png Troll fragment Dwarf Bone
Small troll He doesn't want to be here. File:Dwarf fragment.png Dwarf fragment Dwarf conscript

Hreidmar's MemoryEdit

Next, you will arrive in Hreidmar's memory, where he is talking to Zamorak, who is revealed to only be a statue. There are six fragments.

Original object Text Correct fragment Result
30px Zamorak Much smaller than the one outside the palace. File:Statue fragment.png Statue fragment Statue

Grunsh's MemoryEdit

File:Grunsh's memories.png

Finally, the ogre's memory must be fixed. The wand must be used on each of the three dwarves in the room to release all the memory fragments. The ogre will cast a spell on these fragments and turn them into dangerous memories. If you grab any dangerous memories, the existing memories captured will all be released. Dangerous memories turn back into standard memories after a few moments. There are three of each type of memory.

Do not gather dangerous memories. This is vital as it will reset your progress with any previously gathered memories.

Once all memories are caught in their "pure" form, they must be used on the voids like earlier in the quest.

Original object Text Correct fragment Result
Old Dwarf Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache. File:Hreidmar fragment.png Hreidmar fragment 30px Hreidmar
Grumpy Dwarf I wonder where he got that scar. File:Grimsson fragment.png Grimsson fragment 30px Colonel Grimsson
Beardless dwarf What would a gnome be doing here? File:Gnome emissary fragment.png Gnome Emissary fragment 30px Gnome Emissary

After this, everyone will wake up. You will learn that Grunsh's memories are also wiped clean, and believes that Hreidmar saved him from a snowy place. After that Veldaban says you will need to kill Grunsh, and once again you can choose to let him live or to kill him.

After this point, the wand is no longer necessary in the quest. Players are unable to bank this item, so the only option for getting rid of it is to destroy it. Or, you can keep it and use it on Veldaban after the quest is over to restore memories of Hilda.

Veldaban of the Red AxeEdit


Once you enter through the doorway directly behind Veldaban, you will come to an empty version of the Keldagrim Palace. Going up the stairs on either side brings you to an identical trade floor populated only by chaos dwarves dressed up as Red Axe directors and traders, all speaking gibberish regarding Zamorak and chaos. Before you speak to any of the directors, you must attempt to open the door on the east side where a chaos dwarf is. Then, speak to any Red Axe director and tell him that your friend wishes to join the Red Axe.

You must right-click the director and choose the "Talk-to" option, as the default left-click option is to attack them. Veldaban will stop you if you try to attack them at this point.

The director wishes to be more powerful than the others so your character then proposes that you kill the remaining 7 directors scattered around the floor. You can now kill them, as Veldaban will not stop you from doing so. Once they are all dead, speak to the director again and he will pronounce Veldaban a full-fledged member of the Red Axe (You can kill any 7 directors, including the one you spoke to, and the surviving director will make you a member of the Red Axe.) You can now kill the remaining director if you want to, but it isn't necessary. At this point, continue through the door at the east of the floor.

The Final ConfrontationEdit

Once the final battle has started, the cave at the end of the Barendir tunnel will lead directly to the top floor of the Red Axe palace. If you die during these battles, your grave will appear in the Barendir tunnel, as in the previous battle. If you wish to abandon the battle at any point and restock, simply go down the palace stairs and log out to the lobby. When you log back in you will be at the Black Guard quartermaster where you can access your bank.

The battle can be divided into three phases, and once each phase is complete it will remain complete if you leave and re-enter the battle. 1) the fight against Grimsson in his normal dwarf form 2) killing the first of the two chaos dwarf bosses, whether Grimsson or Hreidmar 3) killing the remaining boss.

Deathtouched darts cannot be used against the two bosses.

The Butcher of BarendirEdit

Familiars cannot be brought into or summoned during this battle.

The fight will begin with a confrontation of the two. After a short cutscene plays, Grimsson will attack Veldaban. The Provoke ability can be used to direct Grimsson's attacks away from Veldaban, except when Grimsson is provoke immune. Attack Grimsson but keep an eye on his adrenaline bar because when it's full, Grimsson will activate Provoke and do a charge attack that does very high damage very quickly. The player can counteract this with an ultimate ability or a stun. When Grimsson's adrenaline is at 50%, he will grab Veldaban for several seconds. During this time, any damage dealt to Grimsson will be redirected to Veldaban, so it is very important that you stop attacking during this period. After several seconds he will throw Veldaban at you, dealing a typeless 1000+ to you and 7500 to Veldaban. The damage to you can be circumvented by hiding behind a pillar, but Veldaban will still take 7500. If Veldaban dies, the battle will restart.

File:Fighting Grimsson.png

You can separate Grimsson from Veldaban, preventing Veldaban from being hit or grab by Grimsson. When his adrenaline reach 50% he will grab Veldaban for a several seconds. Use this time to run in a straight line away from him by about 5-7 square. When he throws Veldaban to you, quickly run back to him in the same straight line. If done correctly, Veldaban will be trapped behind you, rendering him invulnerable. This way, you will not have to worry about the grab attack during the fight. The best method to get Grimsson's attention would after Veldaban is killed once, and you come back to the fight, you should just open the door to the throne room, get back a few steps, let Grimsson throw Veldaban at you. Veldaban will be thrown out of the room, quickly shut the door, which will make you stand between Veldaban and the door. When you open the door, you will be between Veldaban and Grimsson; Grimsson will still attack Veldaban with range, but it's not that deadly, you can finish Grimsson without taking any damage. Standing on the same square as Veldaban and using kick will also separate Grimsson and Veldaban.

Once Grimsson is dead, another cutscene will play. It shows Hreidmar picking up a dragon staff and casting a spell that turns him, Grimsson, and Veldaban into chaos dwarves. Veldaban will not attack the player, but Grimsson will be resurrected and both Hreidmar and Grimsson will attack.

Chaos Dwarves!Edit

File:Fighting Grimsson and Hreidmar.png

You must now face both Hreidmar and Grimsson, and Veldaban will be incapacitated and unable to assist you. Each chaos dwarf boss is a challenging battle in its own right, so the usual strategy is to split them up and fight them one at a time. Once one is dead, he will not reappear if the battle is restarted, allowing you to heal-up between fights. The easiest way to separate them is to use the stairway: if you go down the stairs and back up, then Hreidmar becomes unaggressive, so you can deal with Grimsson first. The bottom of the stairway is also a safe spot where you can heal.

The Dwarf Multicannon does not deal any damage during this fight.

If you die during the fight, your grave will appear in the Barendir Caves. Return to the Dwarf Boatman and travel with him then walk east and enter the Barendir Caves. Your grave will be here. Remember if you take degradable armour with you, then take them as the three items you keep on death otherwise they will degrade by 20%.

Chaos GrimssonEdit

File:Chaos Grimsson.png

Grimsson fights with ranged and melee. He has two special abilities:

  1. He can run around obstacles, preventing him from being safe-spotted.
  2. When his adrenaline reaches 100%, he can "charge" the player, which means he hits rapidly and high.

Grimsson can be killed using the same method as for the first fight. He can do somewhat more damage this time. When he has a full adrenaline bar a chat message will appear "Grimsson prepares to charge you down!" and he will push you around while dealing major damage. A way of avoiding most of the damage is to go down the stairs (or close the door with Grimsson on the other side) when it starts.

Chaos HreidmarEdit

Hreidmar fights with magic. He has four special abilities:

  1. He can summon chaos dwarves. He summons them in pairs of one cannoneer and one warrior. There is no limit to the number of chaos dwarves he can summon. He can also make the warriors flash red. When this happens, they will explode and deal heavy damage if they touch the player. They also lose 5000 health when they explode.
  2. He can swap places with a cannoneer, no matter how far away it is. The player continues to target the square where Hreidmar was, which means the player no longer attacks Hreidmar.
  3. When his adrenaline reaches 50%, he can use a special threshold ability that channels power to the cannoneers, which makes them hit harder. Unlike other threshold abilities, this does not drain his adrenaline.
  4. When his adrenaline reaches 100%, he can heal himself and any chaos dwarves by up to 20% of their maximum health using a special ultimate ability.

There is a safe spot for the player behind the staircase or behind the pillar by the throne, as Hreidmar cannot hit you if he is on the opposite end.

Hreidmar spawns chaos dwarf hand cannoneers and chaos dwarves to help him. There are two ways to separate Hreidmar from the minions. You can go down the stairs so that Hreidmar becomes non-aggressive, or you can stand in the doorway and close it when the minions are summoned. Kill the minions (avoiding the supercharged minion blast which can damage you through the wall and down the stairs), and return to killing Hreidmar (make sure the door closes before you go to fight minions or he will buff them).

If necessary, it's possible to recover some health from the minions by using the adrenaline gained to activate Regenerate, Rejuvenate, or Guthix's Blessing. However this must be balanced against the loss of adrenaline for fighting Hreidmar.

When fighting Hreidmar, pay attention to his adrenaline bar because, when it's full, he will attempt to heal himself for 12000 life points. This can only be counteracted by dealing a large amount of damage to him in a certain period of time. Ultimate abilities, and even some high-damage thresholds, are the best way to stop him from healing. He will also attempt to empower the summoned hand cannoneers in a similar manner, and likewise can be stopped the same way, by dealing a large amount of damage (this won't be a problem if you have used the stairway method to make Hreidmar non-aggressive while fighting the minions).

File:Chaos Hreidmar.png

When fighting Hreidmar, enable Deflect Magic or Soul Split, and focus on building up your adrenaline, using only basic abilities such as Wrack, Combust, or Impact. When the adrenaline meter reaches 100%, await for the special attack of Hreidmar (you will see a chatbox message). When he prepares to use it, you should use the Omnipower ability. If successful, it will instantly stop him, but if it misses, he will eventually either regain 12,000 life points or empower his cannoneers. You may or may not also be able to disable the attack with threshold abilities, depending on your magic weapons and the spell you're using - this chance is increased if you have Torment active. Regardless of the outcome, keep on attacking until he summons a chaos dwarf and a hand cannoneer. When he does, you should separate them from Hreidmar and kill them, using Soul Split to heal. Try to keep your distance from the melee chaos dwarf, as it will explode and deal over 1,500 damage. Stun the melee dwarf and take out the cannoneer first, then return your focus to the melee dwarf again. Once both of them are dead, go back into the building and continue fighting Hreidmar until he is dead, repeating the strategies as necessary.

Using Torment with Deflect Magic to start the fight and then switching to using Deflect Range after a couple of hand cannoneers have been summoned can reduce the damage, but will likely require a prayer potion to avoid running out of prayer. Boosting before entering the fight will help to shorten the battle.

Once you have killed Hreidmar, kill off any remaining chaos dwarves and hand cannoneers.

Hreidmar-First strategyEdit

An alternative is to lure Grimsson out of the room and close the door on him. Fight Hreidmar first, which can be endured with Soul Split and high tier armour. Once Hreidmar is dead, finish off the chaos dwarves and handcannoneers then fight Grimsson in the doorway he is trapped in. His special attack can be interrupted by simply closing the door and taking a step back, resuming fighting when he has finished his special. It is also possible to semi-safespot Grimsson using the table in the middle of the room, as he will only attack you with Ranged and his charge will not move around the table to attack you. (If you do this, however, note that he CAN move around the table to hit you with his melee attacks, but this can be dodged by running around the table until he switches back to ranged.)

Grimsson-First strategyEdit

This strategy is easy enough to use little food to no food. You need the best magic gear at your disposal (nothing you aren't willing to lose or degrade) ancient magick ice spells (single target will suffice), pots (super magic, super defence, weapon poison+, 1 or 2 prayer), runes, sharks, and vampirism aura (optional, especially with soul split).

Step by step:

  1. Run down the stairs with ranged protection prayers on. This will reset aggression on Hreidmar. Pot up if you haven't, and set your prayers to at least melee protection. Go up the stairs.
  2. If using revolution, your first spell should be an ice spell by default. This will root Grimsson. If it does, switch to ranged protection prayers and step away from Grimsson, but stay near the stairs.
  3. Keep attacking him while he does nothing. If he starts to do a lot of ranged damage, eat up or use soul split.
  4. Keep an eye on his adrenaline. When it reaches 100% he will annihilate you, so run down the stairs and wait about 10 seconds. Turn off prayers, use regenerate, and let your poison do some damage.
  5. Get ready to fight again, run up the stairs and check his adrenaline. If full, run back down the stairs. Other wise keep fighting. Repeat these steps until he is dead.
  6. Attack Hreidmar while you stand near the open door. Re-pot, use magic protection prayers, and only use basic abilities.
  7. When he summons chaos dwarves run down the stairs to reset all aggression.
  8. Go back up and pick off the dwarves and return to attacking Hreidmar with basic abilities.
  9. When he is about to use an ultimate ability at full adrenaline, you'll see a chat message. Cast omnipower to interrupt it. Repeat these steps until he is dead.

A good method for taking on Hreidmar and Grimsson is to use the Ancient magicks spells ice blitz or ice barrage, as this freezes them in place and can strike multiple chaos dwarves at once. Taking them on separately with this method could make an impossible fight look like an easy fight.

Using the stairs not only makes Hreidmar docile, it temporarily resets the aggression of any spawned chaos dwarves as well. They will become aggressive again if you get close enough to them, but the reset allows you to lure them and pick them off one-by-one, severely lessening the threat compared to when every enemy is attacking at once. If you are making use of abilities, you can even use Regenerate for additional healing after battles and/or use any remaining adrenaline to ascertain that you can pull off a threshold or ultimate against Hreidmar to stop his special attacks. Remember that if you're using magic, abilities do not consume runes, so even if your spells splash on the cannoneers often, you can still wear them down over time with minimal runes. Picking off dwarves as they spawn can be quite useful as it can reduce the amount of food you need and you'll get a brief but valuable period of one-on-one combat with Hreidmar before he spawns in more.

The Vampyrism aura is very useful during the fights with both Grimsson and Hreidmar. Also, plan to bring a prayer potion or two, as the fight with Hreidmar can take a while.

Dreadnips work on Hreidmar and Grimsson, which may poison and stun them as well as damage as a good fighting aid.

Should you be killed by any chaos dwarves and hand cannoneers after killing Hreidmar and Grimsson, the battle will still be considered completed, and you can speak to Veldaban to continue the quest.

You must talk to Veldaban (who is still cowering on the ground) after you defeat both bosses. If you leave before doing so, you will be required to fight again when you return (If you left in-between killing the last two bosses to regear, you will only have to kill the last boss again).

It is possible to hide in the stair room and rest to recover your health to conserve food.

The Heir to the ThroneEdit

File:Veldaban's abdication.png

After defeating Hreidmar and Grimsson, Veldaban says that he doesn't like what he is turning into, and he requests for the player to kill him in order for the effect to stop.

You have a choice of either letting Veldaban survive or killing him. If you let him survive, then the player and Veldaban will meet the consortium and discuss who should be the king of Keldagrim. Again, the player has another choice of either letting Veldaban rule Keldagrim, or tell him to step down, letting the Consortium rule. If Veldaban is killed, then you have the option of allowing the consortium to rule, or finding the true heir to the throne: King Drunken Dwarf III. If you let Veldaban survive, the next time you see him on the throne he will appear to be completely unaffected by the chaos dwarf transformation, indicating he's been able to successfully fight it off.

After choosing your options, finish the quest by talking to any company director. Congratulations, quest complete!


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Congratulations, quest complete!


Additional rewardsEdit

  • Ability to mine the statues in the Ancient Keldagrim ruins north of Keldagrim library, and to obtain the Azdaran document after mining all statues.
    • A further 250,000 Mining-icon experience in chunks of 20,000 to 33,000 experience, with requirements ranging from 81 to 95 Mining, when mining the ruins. Boosts do work to mine ruins that are beyond your current level.


Music unlockedEdit


  • The quest was originally set to be released during the week of 23 September 2013, but was pushed back to the week of 30 September. The quest was not released until 2 October.
  • When players speak to Juna after the quest and tell her about their stories, it may happen that you tell her about the events of Forgettable Tale... saying; I think I did something with a drunken dwarf, but I can't remember what. Even though the player fixed his/her memories during the quest.
  • If Veldaban survives, the player can offer to use the memory wand to restore his memories of Hilda. He is initially reluctant, afraid of how much he may have made up about her but, if the player encourages him, agrees. He doesn't share his revelations, saying that it's between him and her memory, but thanks the player for doing so.
  • If the Drunken Dwarf is not made king, the player can restore his memories in a similar way. Humourously, he remembers the details of the "upcoming" attack and says that Commander Veldaban must be warned. After being reassured that the attack was repelled, he gets drunk celebrating and goes back to what he was.
  • This quest was voted by players in a poll to be the first released of a trio of quests, the other two being the gnome and pirate series continuations.[1] Throughout May and June 2013, the community was able to suggest elements to include in the quest, and things not to forget.[2] In addition, there was a design competition for the monster that drops the dragon throwing axe, which turned out to be a chaos giant (not used during but after), as well as for the leader of the chaos druids, a woman named Ikadia.[3]
  • The large amount of post-quest dialogue could not be created within the designated development time, therefore it was released after the quest itself. However, due to spending a long time in Localisation, the dialogue was not released until 11 August 2014, nearly a year later.
  • This quest has the highest requirement of any quest so far, being 85 Strength. Strangely enough, none of the requirements are actually used directly during the quest.
  • Upon completion of the quest the Adventurer's Log states, I helped Veldaban defeat the Red Axe.
  • The description "I wonder where he got that scar" may be a reference to The Joker from the Batman movies.
  • The examine text of the beers encountered during the calibration of the memory wand: '' may be a reference to Homer Simpson, a character in the cartoon 'The Simpsons', who says this same line when drinking or thinking about beer.
  • This quest gives the largest direct experience reward of any quest, namely 200,000 Strength experience.


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