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Release date 4 January 2001 (Update unknown) edit
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Edible Yes}}{{#vardefine:heal1|}}Yes
Stackable No
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 1 coin
(Wydin's Food Store)
Exchange price 59 coins (info)
Buy limit 1,000
Examine On ground: Cabbage... yuck!
In inventory: Yuck, I don't like cabbage.
Weight 0.4 kg
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Cabbages are edible green vegetables, which can be obtained by growing them in a Farming patch or by picking them in various areas around RuneScape. Upon eating one, it restores 210 life points (the Draynor Manor variety also gives a 3 point Defence boost).

The best known place to pick cabbage is the cabbage patch in the farm south of Falador. The explorer's ring 3, a reward for completion of the medium Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks, can be used to teleport the player there.

If cabbages are brought to Lunderwin at the Zanaris marketplace, they can be sold for 100 coins each (they must be unnoted). If lower level players who have finished A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Ork's Rift seek a unique (yet somewhat time consuming, though consistent) money making method, the process of selling cabbages may be a potentially rewarding and highly profitable alternative to combat or skilling money making methods.

Cabbage is also an ingredient in garden pie. All cabbages follow the god Brassica Prime.

During the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, cabbages healed a player for 20,000 life points, the highest of any healing item in the game, when eaten within the event area. There were some reports of the cabbages healing outside of the designated event area, but this was patched shortly after the release of the event.



A player is able to farm a cabbage at level 7 Farming. You gain 10 experience for planting the seed and 11.5 experience for harvesting the cabbage. It takes 30–35 minutes for the cabbage to fully grow. You can also have a farmer watch your cabbages for 1 sack of onions.


Dropping monstersEdit

Levels 1 to 24Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant spider2; 24; 27; 501Common
Goblin2; 5; 11; 13; 16; 251Common
Al-Kharid warrior91Uncommon
Spider1; 241Uncommon
Imp2; 71Rare
Cuffs31Very rare
Hengel21Very rare
Jeff21Very rare
Mugger61Very rare
Narf21Very rare
Rogue151Very rare
Rusty21Very rare

Levels 25 to 49Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant spider2; 24; 27; 501Common
Goblin2; 5; 11; 13; 16; 251Common
Afflicted30; 371Uncommon

Levels 50 and aboveEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant spider2; 24; 27; 501Common
Tortoise79; 9216–59 (noted)Uncommon
Warped tortoise962–54 (noted)Uncommon


  • In the earlier years of RuneScape Classic, the game's chat filter would dub the word "cabbage" over offensive text.
  • Cabbages are a running joke in RuneScape, with numerous references being made to them and their terrible taste. A god, Brassica Prime, is known to take the form of a cabbage.
  • During the 2009 April Fools event, cabbages in the Falador Cabbage Patch bounced around and could be kicked and held.
  • A breed of cabbage known as Deadly sea cabbages inhabit the seas around the Wushanko Isles. Unlike most cabbages, which are generally docile, these cabbages are hostile creatures, and routinely assault passing sea vessels.
  • During Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, when eating a cabbage from the patch behind Brassica's throne, it heals 20000 life points, and the following appears in the chatbox: "You eat the cabbage. You feel Brassica Prime's approval as you embrace his deliciousness." However, this only happens when standing in the minigame's designated area.
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