Not to be confused with Donie.
Captain Donnie
Release date 31 October 2005 (Update)
Race Zombie pirate
Quest NPC Rum Deal, Rocking Out
Location Braindeath Island
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine I wonder if it was all the 'rum' that pickled him.

Captain Donnie of The Inebriated is the captain of the zombie pirates that have invaded Braindeath Island. He is involved in the quest Rum Deal, in which you need to make the unsanitary swill for him to drink so that he will reveal whom he works for. He says he works for Rabid Jack. He also plays a minor part in Rocking Out, in which you fool Captain Donnie into believing that you are a new undead pirate in order to obtain plans so that you can obtain Frank's mark.

During Rum Deal, Donnie and his crew lays siege to Braindeath Isle, specifically the 'rum' factory. After having made fresh 'rum', Captain Braindeath feeds him drunk with the aid of an adventurer and a deal is made: the zombies will stop meddling with the 'rum' production as long as they get some. Seemingly harmless, Donnie's true intentions are only revealed during A Clockwork Syringe. The 'rum' he collected is shipped to Bloodsplatter Isle and then filled with magical rock fragments and injected into severed zombie parts in order to increase their size and use them to create Barrelchest Mk IIs. In a small dungeon on Braindeath Island, General malpractitioners have also been using the 'rum' to mutate the local crab wildlife by injecting it.

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