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Vital statistics
Type Unknown
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Chocolate cake is a food item that players can make with a Cooking level of 50. A regular cake yields 180 Cooking experience when baked; the addition of a chocolate bar or chocolate dust will grant an additional 30 experience. The cake heals a total of 1,248 life points, equally spread over three bites of 416 life points each. When one bite is taken out, it becomes a 2/3 chocolate cake. When two bites are eaten, it becomes a chocolate slice.

Chocolate cakes used to be a members-only item, even though all the ingredients were available to non-members. Since this made little sense, Jagex changed the chocolate cake to a non-members item.

Making a chocolate cake from scratch in the Lumbridge kitchen is a Lumbridge/Draynor hard task.

Dropping monsters Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black dragon2271Uncommon
Red dragon1523Uncommon


To make a chocolate cake, use an egg, a bucket of milk, and a pot of flour with a cake tin to make an uncooked cake, then use the uncooked cake on a range. Finally, right click to use a chocolate bar or chocolate dust on the cake.

A fast way to make chocolate cakes is to buy chocolate bars from the baker at the Baker's Stall in East Ardougne and steal cakes from the stall (with level 5 Thieving) and combine the two.

Other sources of chocolate cakeEdit

2/3 chocolate cake and chocolate sliceEdit

2/3 chocolate cake is obtained by eating a bite of a chocolate cake, and a Chocolate slice is what is left of a full chocolate cake after eating two bites. They have two and one uses left, respectively, each bite healing 416 life points.

It is not possible to add a chocolate bar to the 2/3 cake and slice of cake to create their respective chocolate cake items, nor can chocolate cake slices be recombined to make a full cake.

High alch. Low alch. Store price Examine text Weight
2/3 chocolate cake 18 coins 12 coins Not sold

Someone has eaten a big chunk of this cake.

0.2 kg
Chocolate slice 18 coins 12 coins Not sold I'd rather have a whole cake. 0.1 kg

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