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A table that shows the Cooking level required for the food item to stop burning.

Food Item Range or Fire Cook-o-matic 25 Cooking gauntlets
Rocktail Never 95 (with gloves) 94
Cavefish Never N/A 94
Shark Never 96 (with gloves) 94
Monkfish 92 (90 on a range) 90 (without gloves)

90 (with gloves)

Swordfish 86 N/A 81
Bass 80 N/A 70
Lobster 74 73 (without gloves)

64 (with gloves)

Rainbow fish 62 N/A N/A
Tuna 64 (63 on a range) N/A 63
Salmon 58 57 N/A
Slimy eel 58 N/A N/A
Pike 64 N/A N/A
Cod 52 N/A N/A
Trout 50 (49 on a range) 46 50
Mackerel 45 N/A N/A
Anchovies 34 N/A N/A
Herring 41 N/A N/A
Sardine 34 N/A N/A
Crayfish 33 30 N/A
Shrimps 35 N/A N/A

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