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DS Cape

Concept Art for the DarkScape Cape.

The DarkScape Cape is a Runescape 3 cosmetic override that will be given to players some time after the closing of DarkScape. In order to be eligible for the cape, a player must have spent at least 10 hours logged into DarkScape from the release date to February 29, 2016. The cape will not be a physical item. Rather, it will be a cosmetic override that can be activate from the Wardrobe under the Cloaks section.

If a player wishes to transfer their DarkScape cape to another account (For example, to their main account if they played DarkScape using an alt), they can do this either via twitter (@JagexKelpie) or reddit (u/JagexKelpie). Be sure to provide the display names of both accounts. Mod Kelpie will be checking to see that both accounts are owned by the same person.

Note: Transferring the cape between accounts may only be done once.

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