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11323595 2014-09-02T18:35:10Z Players can no longer toggle between multi and single-way combat in the Wilderness.
11323566 2014-09-02T18:32:18Z The level of the Wilderness the Deep Wilderness Dungeon is located from 68 to 51.
8741469 2013-08-25T03:28:24Z Funds
8736412 2013-08-24T21:08:18Z Illagong map, old
8298502 2013-06-26T07:52:39Z HottieBottie Visual Editor glitches fixed: double type links: 1
8298363 2013-06-26T07:45:45Z Fswe1
7839056 2013-04-14T16:38:40Z
7839055 2013-04-14T16:37:23Z
6891733 2012-12-18T23:21:55Z
6641209 2012-11-22T00:04:25Z The Mol Man
6555301 2012-11-14T14:35:50Z
6555300 2012-11-14T14:35:02Z
6436498 2012-10-18T09:21:15Z BrainBot Adding multicombat, per [[Forum:Propose Multicombat areas compilation]]
5923850 2012-07-12T14:27:10Z
5727921 2012-06-07T18:20:40Z YmZer /* Monsters */
5355997 2012-03-09T13:05:11Z RSW image renamer (Semi-automated) Update references towards 1 image to point to its new name
5047762 2011-12-12T10:40:10Z Smith ghast4
4518576 2011-07-12T03:45:33Z -Matt
4161718 2011-04-17T08:44:54Z Cook Me Plox /* Monsters */
4041532 2011-03-20T19:08:10Z Joeytje50 moving up the dungeon entrance image a bit
4041472 2011-03-20T18:19:23Z TyA moving image
4041466 2011-03-20T18:15:22Z Battleben
3844947 2011-02-02T10:35:39Z CookBot /* Monsters */Removing template from pages that most likely do not need it
3842667 2011-02-02T07:40:05Z BrainBot /* Monsters */Adding [[Template:Checkftw]] to articles requiring checks for Wilderness/Free Trade update
3838155 2011-02-01T21:59:34Z Urbancowgurl777 Removed checkftw
3838152 2011-02-01T21:58:55Z
3830964 2011-01-31T10:53:36Z Cook Me Plox /* Monsters */
3688328 2011-01-06T10:19:03Z Noobs are very tasty
3557262 2010-12-11T23:23:21Z BrainBot Removing whitespace plus other fixes
2248796 2010-02-06T14:01:24Z Telos
1576717 2009-08-01T06:33:43Z
1455918 2009-06-29T03:58:14Z Leevclarke Updated with new information
1354610 2009-06-01T09:05:23Z Nacho Novo9 Major cleanup, wikifying, maps added.
1210820 2009-04-27T17:34:12Z Spencemac724
1210817 2009-04-27T17:25:54Z Dictature
1096358 2009-03-29T10:55:20Z Rhhh /* Trivia */
882669 2009-01-25T22:00:14Z Orbie
882664 2009-01-25T21:59:33Z Orbie
748660 2008-12-13T16:33:02Z Sir Revan125
748659 2008-12-13T16:32:20Z Sir Revan125
748653 2008-12-13T16:29:19Z Dictature /* Trivia */
714115 2008-12-02T15:01:55Z Hatchenator Corrected spelling/grammar---untill vs. until
661347 2008-11-14T02:42:13Z Tyman955 lol
661346 2008-11-14T02:40:13Z Tyman955 Expanded
519233 2008-07-24T21:24:43Z Gaz Lloyd added {{mapnom}}
499935 2008-07-09T02:13:52Z Drummer943 /* Music */
490557 2008-06-30T09:45:42Z Mamabear47
490554 2008-06-30T09:42:51Z Mamabear47 /* Music */
427249 2008-05-07T11:27:34Z Chiafriend12 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User_talk:|Talk]]); changed back to last version by [[User:Speckledorph|Speckledorph]]
427248 2008-05-07T11:27:00Z
264985 2007-11-20T05:21:04Z Speckledorph /* Quests */
249243 2007-10-23T12:45:06Z The evil dude New page: The '''Deep Wilderness Dungeon''' can be found in level 50 [[Wilderness]]. It has a [[Guam]] leaf and a single dose of [[Attack potion]] are spawned here. ==Monsters== *[[Fire giant]] *[[...

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