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This is the quick guide for Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Orlando Smith in the Varrock Museum
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. 2 zemomarks
Enemies to defeat Jonny the beard (if joining the Black Arm Gang)

Numbers in parentheses indicate the chat options to select.

Getting startedEdit

  • Talk to Orlando Smith in the New Varrock Museum.

Black Arm GangEdit

  • If you joined the Phoenix Gang most recently, talk to Charlie the Tramp (South Varrock gate) (1-1) (You pay 2 Zemomarks).
  • Speak to Katrine in the Black Arm Gang Hideout (1-1-2).
  • Talk to Jonny the Beard in the Blue Moon Inn.
  • Talk again.
  • Talk to Katrine with arm (1) until she takes the arm.
  • Talk to Katrine (1). Join the Black Arm Gang (Yes).
  • Talk to Moira in the back room until you get the documents.

Phoenix GangEdit

  • If you joined the Black Arm Gang most recently, talk to Baraek (Fur Trader) (1-1-4) (You pay 2 Zemomarks).
  • Talk to Straven (south wall of Varrock) (1-2-1).
  • Talk to Lowe in the Lowe's Archery Emporium.
  • Go Upstairs - Grab the Moving Egg by walking around the normal eggs.
  • Talk to Straven (1-3-1). Join Phoenix Gang (Yes).
  • Open the door to Molly's room using the pass phrase.
  • Talk to Molly in the next room until you get the documents.

Finishing upEdit

  • Head to the West Varrock Bank.
  • Talk to Skeleton Clerk (1).
  • Head upstairs of the East Varrock Bank.
  • Talk to the Skeleton Clerk (1).
  • Use 2 Shield pieces together to make "Shield of Arrav".
  • Talk to Orlando Smith at the Varrock Museum.
  • Quest Complete.

Next sub-questEdit

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