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This is the quick guide for Eagles' Peak.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Charlie, one of the keepers at Ardougne Zoo, who is found at the south central cage (empty).
Official difficultyNovice Novice


Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


  • Teleportation runes to Ardougne and Varrock, Ardougne cloak 1 for (requires easy Ardougne Tasks)(Lodestone Network teleports also work).
  • Ability to use Spirit Tree
  • Dramen or Lunar Staff with the ability to use fairy rings (Not required if Fairy Tale Part III has been completed).
  • Energy potions or Explorer's ring or Spirit terrorbird with Tireless run scrolls. (highly recommended)
  • The Book of Char can be useful as you can teleport right outside the mountain where the quest plays out once a day. (Requires The Firemaker's Curse).
  • Access to Eagles' Peak lodestone.
Enemies to defeat Level 14 Kebbit

Getting startedEdit

Eagles' PeakEdit

  • Head to Eagles' Peak west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Go to the Northern side of the mountain's base to a campsite.
  • Search the books for a Bird book.
  • Click on the book to obtain a Metal feather.
  • Climb the rocks attached to the mountain next to the campsite.
  • Follow the path to the east and use the metal feather obtained on the Rocky outcrop.
  • In the dungeon, go East to an intersection, then head south to a crevice.
  • Make sure you walk deep enough into the dungeon for a cutscene with Nickolaus to play.
  • Pick up ten giant feathers which are found throughout the dungeon.
  • Shout to Nickolaus.

The DisguiseEdit

The Feathers:Edit

Bronze FeatherEdit

  • Go to the Southwest corner of the dungeon and through the tunnel.
  • Try to grab the feather from the pedestal.
  • Operate the four winches in the corners of the room.
  • Grab the Bronze feather.

Silver FeatherEdit

  • Exit the tunnel and head North to the next one.
  • Inspect the pedestal and complete the trail by inspecting rocks that are closest to the end of the current trail.
  • inspect the tunnel in the wall and kill the Kebbit.
  • Grab the Silver feather.

Golden FeatherEdit

  • Go back to the intersection by the entrance of the Dungeon and follow the East path.
  • Go through the tunnel entrance.
The PuzzleEdit
File:Eagles nest gf.png

Note: If the puzzle gets messed up, there is a reset lever outside of the chamber.

  1. Take at least 6 handfuls of bird seed from the pile near the entrance of the cave.
  2. Put seed in feeder F1, south-west of the entrance. The north-south eagle will be blocked by a gate and return, however the east-west eagle will remain at this feeder.
  3. Pull lever L1, west of the feeder.
  4. Pull lever L2, north-west of the entrance.
  5. Put seed in feeder F3, past the east gate (immediately south of the entrance). .
  6. Put seed in feeder F4.
  7. Pull lever L3, the lever in the furthest south-east corner.
  8. Pull lever L2 once more.
  9. Put seed in feeder F5, the feeder adjacent to lever L2.
  10. Pull lever L4, the lever in the furthest north-west corner.
  11. Put seed in feeder F2.
  12. Put seed in feeder F1, the original feeder. This time, the north-south eagle will not be obstructed by a gate and will remain at the feeder.
  13. Walk down the western hallway and take the Golden feather.

The Eagle DoorEdit

  • Head East from the bronze feather door.
  • There will be a door with an eagle carved in it.
  • Use each feather on the door.
  • While wearing the disguise, pass the Giant eagle and talk to Nickolaus.

Finishing UpEdit

  • Head back to the campsite and talk to Nickolaus.
  • After catching a ferret, head back to Ardougne Zoo.
  • Talk to Charlie.
  • Quest complete!

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