This article is about the NPC. For the Distraction and Diversion, see Ancient effigies.

Effigy is an alchemist who starts the Tower of Life quest. During the quest, he and the other alchemists, Transmute and Currency summon the Homunculus, but they torture it and threaten it. In the end, they are scared off by the creature. After completing Dream Mentor and casting a "random" NPC contact, Homunculus may say that alchemists eventually returned, but Homunculus transformed 2 of them into unihuman and chickalchemist.

Trivia Edit

  • If players have completed Making History, he'll say that he thinks the player looks familiar and say an idiot ruined his chance to turn the Outpost into a lab.
  • Effigy makes a reference to guthix life essence in the ground making it possible to summon the Homunculus. This is probably because guthix sleeps under the grounds of Ardounge as seen in The World Wakes quest meaning that Jagex might have already had the idea of guthix sleeping under Ardounge in 2007.

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