This article is about the quest. For the family crest that players can have in their houses, see Sir Renitee.
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Official descriptionEdit

The Fitzharmon family crest has gone missing, and the family honour has been lost.

Can you find the crest and return it to Dimintheis in Varrock?

There are three different rewards available, but you can only choose one; so choose carefully!


Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Dimintheis in south-east Varrock, next to the Fancy Dress Shop.
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
LengthMedium (25 minutes)
Requirements (All the required skills can be boosted)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat

The CrestEdit

Dimintheis chathead

To start, speak with Dimintheis, whose house is in the fenced-off area in the south-eastern section of Varrock. He'll tell you that he belongs to the noble family of Fitzharmon, but without his family's crest, he can't prove his heritage and take back his estate from the King.

His sons took the crest when they left to defend Varrock against the hordes of zombies sent forth by an evil necromancer, and he doesn't know what happened to them afterwards. He has, however, heard rumours that his eldest son, Caleb, is now an aspiring fish chef and is currently staying with a friend just outside the western gates of Varrock.


Items needed: A cooked shrimp, salmon, tuna, bass and swordfish.

Caleb can be found in Gertrude's house just outside the western entrance. Talk to him, and he'll say that he and his brothers broke the crest into three parts to avoid any one of them inheriting their father's wealth. In their shame, they took a piece of the crest each and set out their own ways, unable to face their father.

File:Speaking to Caleb.png

Since a broken crest is of no use to anyone, he agrees to exchange it for some fish that he needs for a special and unique salad he is currently making. What you need is a shrimp, salmon, tuna, bass, and swordfish — all cooked. If you need to catch the fish yourself, head west towards Gunnarsgrunn to fish the salmon (fly) and then teleport to Catherby where you can fish for the tuna and swordfish (harpoon or barehanded), shrimp (small net) and the bass (large net). There is a range in Catherby just east of the bank where you can cook your fish.

Once you have all of it, give the cooked fish to Caleb and he'll give you the piece as promised, along with a little bit of info: the gem trader in Al Kharid might know more about the location of one of his brothers, Avan.

Make sure that you ask Caleb about his brothers' whereabouts, otherwise the gem trader's dialogue options will not include Avan.


Items needed: 2 cut rubies
File:FamilyCrest Avan.png

Although optional, you may talk to the gem trader in Al Kharid about Avan. He remembers talking to a 'high and mighty' person of noble blood, looking for jewellery made from 'perfect gold'; he had directed him north towards the gold pit in the desert, the Al Kharid Mine.

Head there and talk to Avan, the man with a yellow cape wandering around the pit entrance. He tells you that he is trying to win the affection of a certain lady by gifting her a ruby-studded ring and necklace made out of 'perfect' gold. Unfortunately, the stuff here in the desert isn't nearly good enough for him. He'll tell you about a dwarf named Boot who might know the whereabouts of this 'perfect' gold.

File:Boot the dwarf.png

Make your way to the Dwarven Mines below the Ice Mountain, located slightly north-east of Falador and south of Edgeville. Boot can be found in a cavern to the south-west of the general store; talk to him and ask him about the elusive gold. He'll tell you that the highest quality of gold can be found in a small dungeon near Witchaven, although it isn't really easy to get to it.

Make sure to get good food and armour before heading into the Witchaven dungeon, as there are monsters that may harm lower levelled players (level 35 Hobgoblins, level 67 Ogres and level 92 Hellhounds). Home teleport to Ardougne and head east outside the city entrance and then south to an "old ruin entrance", and climb down it.

Keep following the path and then head south to a small caged area that holds a couple of hellhounds, along with the 'perfect' gold rocks. To the north and south are two rooms with levers in and outside of them - you'll have to do a lever puzzle to unlock the gate to the caged area.

File:Mining the perfect ore.png

Remember that if you logout while doing the puzzle you will have to start over:

  • Go to the northern wall and pull the lever up.
  • Head into the southern room and pull the lever up.
  • Go back to the northern wall and pull the lever down.
  • Go inside the northern room and pull the lever up.
  • Leave the room and pull the lever on the northern wall up.
  • Go back to the southern room and pull the lever down.
  • The hellhound room should now be unlocked.

Mine two gold ores in the room and head to any furnace to smelt them into perfect gold bars, there's one just west of the Al Kharid lodestone. Next, use your rubies to make the perfect ring and perfect necklace by using the perfect gold bar on the furnace.

Once you have the items, head back to the Al Kharid mine and give them to Avan. As a reward, he'll give you the second piece of the crest and tell you where to find the final brother, Johnathon.


Items needed: An antipoison potion, a staff and enough elemental runes to cast and hit every blast spell at least once, or air runes and a mindspike to change the element.

The last brother — Johnathon — is staying in the Jolly Boar Inn, near the Lumber Yard. He is on the first floor, in one of the bedrooms. Climb up the stairs to talk to him; he'll tell you that he got bit by a poison spider. Use the antipoison on him, and he'll be very grateful and relate to you about what happened. Apparently, Johnathon attempted to kill a blood demon called Chronozon. Unfortunately, Chronozon defeated him, and in his efforts to escape, he was bitten by the poisonous spider. When you ask him for the third part of the crest, he says that he dropped it while fighting Chronozon and that you must go retrieve it.

File:Chronozon safe spot.png

Chronozon is located in the Edgeville Dungeon, which is in the ruined building just south of the bank. Climb down into the dungeon and keep going north along that path, taking a left at the farthest corner. You may make use of the safespot in the north-west side of the cave, behind the space between the stalagmite and the torch (the poison spiders can still attack you if you aren't right up against the wall).

Remember that you have to damage Chronozon with a Wind Blast, Water Blast, Earth Blast, and Fire Blast. If you seem unable to hit him, using abilities while a blast spell is on auto-cast, also counts. When you do hit him with each of those spells, it will weaken him and make him extremely vulnerable. You may then finish him off any way you like. If you do not use the four blast spells, Chronozon will return to full health at every attempt to kill him.

In the event of teleporting or logging out after all four spells have been successfully cast, you will have to recast the spells.

When you finally do kill him, grab the crest part and leave.

The Crest ReassembledEdit

Now that you have all three crest pieces, put them together to make the family crest and then make your way back to Varrock. Give the crest to Dimintheis, who will be very pleased to have it back.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Family gauntletsEdit

The family gauntlets have a very useful ability. You can take them to any of the three brothers and have him imbue them with a special ability. However, you can only have one active effect at a time, and it will cost you 25,000 coins for each remodelling. To change effects, just take them to the brother whose effect you want. If you lose the gauntlets, Dimintheis will have "magically" found them again and will give them back to you.

There currently appears to be a bug with the brothers refusing to enchant your Family Gauntlets. To work around this, destroy them and re-acquire from Dimintheis. You should then receive Cooking Gauntlets from him, and can then talk to the brother whose glove effect you want.

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Family Crest is required for the following:



  • While talking with the Gem Trader, he says "I know there's gold out there, in them there sand dunes," a reference to the saying "there's gold in them there hills," (Referencing a gold rush in real life).
  • After the PvP Wilderness was returned, Chronozon was hard for some players to deal with because he was in a PvP area, even though Jagex had promised to move all quests out of the wilderness. After some ranting in the forums (now archived), a tunnel was added that took him out of the Wilderness to his current, non-PvP location.
  • Orry, the NPC watching over the beacon just north of the Jolly Bear inn, will refuse to talk to the player if Johnathon is still ailing. After the player has used an anti-poison on Johnathon, the usual options for beacon-NPC's are available again.
  • Before the Evolution of Combat, chaos gloves increased bolt spell's max hit by 40. After the evolution of combat they stopped working due to a bug. It has since been fixed and they now provide a 10% damage bonus when using bolts spells.
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