Field ration
File:Field ration.png
Release date 18 April 2006 (Update unknown) edit
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Edible Yes}}{{#vardefine:heal1|}}Yes
Stackable No
High alch 180 coins
Low alch 120 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 390 coins
(Void Knight General Store)
Exchange price Script error coins (info)
Examine A field ration to help your wounds go away.
Weight 0 kg
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Field rations can be bought from the Void Knights' Outpost. They can be eaten to restore 500 life points, making them effectually equivalent with salmon.

Field rations are not popular among players because dying in Pest Control does not make you lose your items, and you respawn immediately - replenishing your health and prayer. They are also not popular among all players in general, as someone could buy lobsters as a cheaper and more effective alternative.


  • The field ration resembles a statue collection bag, but it has a lighter brown colour and it has the Void Knights' emblem.
  • Players used to be able to heal other players with it, but the introduction of the item lending feature players will only get the message "This item cannot be lent.”
  • During the Pest Control update on the 17th July 2007, a bug caused the field rations to disappear from the shop for a day and made people think it was a discontinued item, selling them for around 50,000 coins or more each.

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