Fishing bait
File:Fishing bait.png
Release date 11 June 2001 (Update unknown) edit
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
High alch 1 coin
Low alch 1 coin
Destroy Drop
Store price 3 coins
Exchange price 6 coins (info)
Buy limit 10,000
Examine For use with a fishing rod.
Weight 0 kg
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Fishing bait is used with the fishing rod. It is used to fish in any fishing spot as long as the spot has the Bait Fishing Spot option.

When a player has 5 Fishing they can try to fish for sardines. When at 10 Fishing, they can fish for herring. A player can fish for pike at 25 Fishing. At levels 48 / 58 / 70, bait can be used to catch Leaping trout / Leaping salmon / Leaping sturgeon, although any type of fishing bait can be used with the Barbarian rod for these fish (bait, feathers, fish offcuts, roe, caviar). At 85 Fishing, fishing bait can be used to catch cavefish. During the Heroes Quest, the player learns how to fish for lava eel.

Each catch uses up one piece of bait, so it is crucial to have several thousand if the player wishes to catch a significant number of fish.

Fishing stores in Port Sarim, Catherby, Miscellania, Etceteria, Rellekka, Shilo Village, Lumbridge and the Fishing Guild sell it for 3 coins, with 1000 in stock.

Fishing bait is commonly dropped by zombies, men/women, and many other undead monsters. Four sets of fishing bait spawn around a dead troll in southern Taverley, south and slightly west of Turael/Spria.

Fishing bait is also used to feed the second and third growth stages of God birds (Guthix raptor, Saradomin owl, Zamorak hawk) and Ravens, which makes sense, considering that fishing bait is essentially composed of maggots. This is revealed during the quest Let Them Eat Pie, where the player grinds grain with fishing bait to make maggoty flour, and in Recipe for Disaster, where the player uses Spice on 1 piece of bait to create Spicy maggots.

Fishing bait can be used with a pestle and mortar to create ground fishing bait, which is used to feed most pet birds when they are babies.


  • During the quests Recipe for Disaster and Let Them Eat Pie, as well as Issue 25 of the God Letters, fishing bait is revealed to be maggots. This explains why decaying zombies and many other undead creatures drop fishing bait.

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