Image Name Level


Total healing Boosts* Distinct Ingredient Notes
File:Cider.png Cider 14 182 140

Farming: +1

Strength: -2

See instructions above.

4 buckets of apple mush, 1 ale yeast.

No buckets of water, barley malt, or 'the stuff'

One of very few items that boost farming.
File:Dwarven stout.png Dwarven stout 19 215 190

Smithing: +1

Mining: +1

Attack:- 1

Strength: -1

Defence: -1

4 Hammerstone hops. Mature version is very valuable: Dwarven stout is one of the only smithing boosting items in the game.
File:Beer.png Asgarnian ale 24 248 240

Strength: +2

Attack: -4

4 Asgarnian hops. Apparently capable of dissolving gold, handle with care.
File:Greenman's ale.png Greenman's ale 29 281 290

Herblore: +2

Attack: -4

4 Clean harralander. Mature version is extremely valuable: Provides +2 herblore boost.Recommended to always collect this ale in a calquat keg.
File:Wizard's mind bomb.png Wizard's mind bomb 34 314 340

Magic: +2/3

Attack: -4

Strength: -3

Defence: -3

4 Yanillian hops. Sometimes shortened to WMB, this item boosts relative to the players magic level. Mages with a magic level lower than 50 get a +2 boost while mages 50 and above gain a +3 boost.
File:Dragon bitter.png Dragon bitter 39 347 390

Strength: +2

Attack: -1

4 Krandorian hops. Useful for some complex combat applications.
File:Moonlight mead.png Moonlight mead 44 380 440

Strength: -1 (?)

4 Bittercap mushrooms. This ale heals the player instead of boosting stats, similar to basic Beer.This ale's mature version heals 60 LP, if gathered into a calquat keg this adds to 240 LP in one inventory slot, however it is believed to slightly decrease strength. Note: Strength decrease is currently unconfirmed.
File:Axeman's folly.png Axeman's folly 49 413 490


Strength: -3

1 oak roots. This ale's mature version is very valuable: Provides +2 Woodcutting.

This ale is a good way for players to make a large amount of money with little effort, as the ingredients are very cheap.

File:Chef's delight.png Chef's delight 54 446 540 Cooking: +1-5

Attack: -2

Strength: -2

4 chocolate dust. This ale's mature version is extremely valuable: Provides +1-5 Cooking and is a preferred alternative to spicy stew.Chef's delight works similar to the wizards mind bomb, providing a boost relative to the players level. Low level players will receive only a partial boost, while players with more experience will receive the full boost. (approximately level 60 for full boost)
File:Slayer's respite.png Slayer's respite 59 479 590

Slayer: +1

Attack: -2

Strength: -2

4 Wildblood hops. One of very few items which boost slayer.

* For a Mature Ale: Simply add +1 (or -1) to all stat effects of the basic ale. Example: Slayer's respite (m) Slayer: +2, Attack: -3, Strength: -3.

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