Image Name Level Experience Heals Notes
Cooked meat Cooked meat 1 30 200 Any player can cook raw beef, raw bear meat, raw yak meat, or raw rat meat.
Cooked chicken Cooked chicken 1 30 200 Any player can cook raw chicken.
Cooked meat Ugthanki meat 1 40 300 Members item used to make kebabs, when cooked it becomes Ugthanki meat
File:Cooked rabbit.png Cooked rabbit 1 30 500 Members can find rabbits on Miscellania, Isafdar, and Rellekka. They may be also be bought from Charter ship shops. Cooked rabbit is the result of directly using the raw rabbit on a fire.
File:Roast bird meat.png Roasted bird meat 11 62 600 Members can obtain bird meat via hunting, They can prepare it on an iron spit (although they're several hundred times more valuable raw for various unrelated reasons.)
File:Roast rabbit.png Roasted rabbit 16 72 700 Members can find rabbits on Miscellania, Isafdar, and Rellekka. They may be also be bought from Charter ship shops. Roasted rabbits can only be made by first using an Iron spit on the raw rabbit then cooking it on a fire (not compatible with a range).
File:Spider on stick.png Spider on stick 16 80 700-1000 Although the term 'meat' is used loosely, Members can roast spiders on a skewer stick by cutting a thatching spar (light, medium, or dense) with a machete from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame, then using the 'stick' with a spider carcass. An arrow shaft may also be used, but cannot be re-used like a skewer stick can once the spider has been eaten.
File:Spider on shaft.png Spider on shaft
File:Crab meat.png Crab meat 21 100 1000 Members can get Crab meat from the Mogre Camp found during Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete) quest, after reaching the point where they can actually access the crabs. Simply kill the crab for meat.
File:Raw beast meat.png Roasted beast meat 21 82 800 Members can obtain raw beast meat through the hunting skill. Hunting kebbits produces this type of meat. It must be cooked on a spit.
File:Cooked chompy.png Cooked chompy 30 140 1000 Members can obtain raw chompy meat by killing chompies. Although often referred to as 'hunting chompies,' it is unrelated to the hunting skill. Chompy meat can be both cooked on a fire and roasted on a spit.
File:Cooked jubbly.png Cooked jubbly 41 160 1500 Members can obtain raw jubbly meat by killing Jubbly birds. Although often referred to as 'hunting jubblies,' it is unrelated to the hunting skill. Players must complete Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee) quest to be able to 'hunt' these birds. The meat is roasted on a spit once obtained.
File:Cooked oomlie wrap.png Oomlie wrap 50 110 1400 Members can find Oomlie birds in the Kharazi Jungle after starting Legends Quest. Simply kill the oomlie bird to obtain the meat. Players must wrap Raw oomlies with a Palm Leaf before cooking the meat or else it will become burnt.
File:Cooked eeligator.png Cooked eeligator N/A N/A 1875 Purchaseable from Goebie suppliers on Mazcab.

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