Fruit refers to a variety of food found around RuneScape. Players can eat some fruits to regain life points, or use them as ingredients in other food items with the Cooking skill.

Members can grow some fruits with the Farming skill, often in a fruit tree patch. However, most berries are grown in a bush patch, and some fruits are grown in allotments.

Growing fruitEdit

Fruit treesEdit



Fruit that players cannot growEdit

Current fruit pricesEdit

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Cooking appleCooking apple36114211,00030pxview21 months ago
BananaBanana86011,00030pxview21 months ago
DwellberriesDwellberries1,0781210,000P2P iconview21 months ago
GrapesGrapes1,587001,00030pxview21 months ago
LemonLemon64011,000P2P iconview21 months ago
LimeLime125011,000P2P iconview21 months ago
OrangeOrange23228421,000P2P iconview21 months ago
Papaya fruitPapaya fruit2,18225385,000P2P iconview21 months ago
PineapplePineapple36011,000P2P iconview21 months ago
RedberriesRedberries795111,00030pxview21 months ago
StrawberryStrawberry7561010,000P2P iconview21 months ago
TomatoTomato415810,00030pxview21 months ago
WatermelonWatermelon57192810,000P2P iconview21 months ago
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