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This is the quick guide for Garden of Tranquillity.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Queen Ellamaria in the garden of Varrock palace.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
LengthLong (possibly more than 2 hours)
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat None

The Ring of charos (a)Edit

  • Talk to Queen Ellamaria in the Varrock Palace garden.
  • Equip the ring of charos and talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor.
    • Show them a range of colours so that they can come to a compromise.
    • Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.
    • It's absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I've ever done!
    • Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.
    • You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!
    • Ask me nicely and I might consider it.
    • No, especially not that wise old man, who doesn't look at all suspicious.

The white treeEdit

  • Charm Dantaera at the Catherby allotment farming patch with the ring equipped.
  • Interact with the white tree on Ice Mountain, select secateurs.
  • Use the White tree shoot on a plant pot and water it.

Rosebushes from the MonasteryEdit

  • Charm Brother Althric near the Monastery rose bushes.
  • Unequip the ring of charos and use it on Edgeville's well.
  • Pick 4 pink, white and red rose seeds.
  • Talk to Brother Althric.
  • Use your fishing rod on the well and equip the ring of charos.

Orchids from Port PhasmatysEdit

  • Charm Lyra at the allotments near Port Phasmatys.
    • That's a deal - I'll grow a patch of onions for you.
  • Plant your onion seeds (optionally plant 1 marigold seed to protect the onions).

Snowdrops from ArdougneEdit

  • Charm Kragen at the allotments north of Ardougne.
    • That's a deal - I'll let you know when your cabbages are ready.
  • Plant your cabbage seeds (optionally plant 1 rosemary seed to protect the cabbages).

Delphiniums from FaladorEdit

  • Charm Elstan at the allotments south of Falador.
    • Okay, I'll grow you some marigolds.
  • Plant 1 marigold seed in the nearby patch.

Vines from TaverleyEdit

  • Charm Bernald who is south of the Taverley pub.
    • I accept the deal.
  • Use a plant cure on his grapevines.
  • Talk to Bernald again.
  • Run east and talk to Alain at the tree patch do not charm him.
  • Use 1 essence on any anvil, grind the shards, use the dust on a plant cure.
  • Use the new plant cure on his grapevines.
  • Talk to Bernald.

Rock and rollEdit

  • Return to Queen Ellamaria to receive a trolley.
  • At the entrance of the Lumbridge courtyard, use the trolley on the southern statue.
  • Push the trolley east across the nearby bridge.
  • Push it into the Queen's garden and place it on the plinth (the one against the east wall).
  • Use the trolley on the statue in Falador centre.
  • After the cutscene, push it north out the gates and onto the garden plinth.

Finishing the gardenEdit

  • Plant the rose seeds, vine seeds and sapling in the garden.
  • Use your buckets of compost on the nearby plant pots.
  • Return to Lyra (Port Phasmatys), Kragen (Ardougne) and Elstan (Falador) once your crops have grown.
  • Plant the final seeds in the garden and wait for everything to grow.
  • Talk to the Queen.
  • Charm King Roald.
  • Quest complete!

Pick a fruit from the tree to complete a medium Varrock task.

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