"Gold rock" redirects here. For the Shattered Heart item, see Golden rock.
Gold ore rocks
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update unknown) edit
Quest? No
Level 40
Experience 65
Ore Gold ore
Max output 1
Location Varies
This rock contains gold.

Gold ore rocks is a protruding rock containing gold ore. A player with a Mining level of 40 or higher can mine gold ore from rocks found in various mines, granting 65 Mining experience for each ore mined.




Respawn rateEdit

Gold ore, like all other mined rocks, respawns at a rate inversely proportional to the number of people in the world the rock is in. Once mined, the rock will turn a darker grey colour. If the world is empty, the ore respawns in two minutes; if it is full (with 2000 players), it respawns in one minute. Thus the respawn rate of gold ore ore is 2-\frac{x}{2000}

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