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This is the quick guide for Grim Tales.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Sylas south of Taverley.
Official difficultyMaster Master
Quest Quests:

(None of the required levels are needed to start the quest; temporary boosts are possible to meet all of them)

Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat Glod (level 68)

Getting startedEdit


File:Grim Tales Grimgnash's location.png
  • Talk to Grimgnash on the Northeast corner of White Wolf Mountain.
  • Use the following answers:
    • "I've heard you are a great and mighty griffin!"
    • "There once was graveyard filled with undead."
    • "There lived a skeleton named Skullrot."
    • "Skullrot was insane!"
    • "Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair."
    • "Started to strangle the poor gnome."
    • Any options from this point forward will work.
  • Once he is sleeping, take a feather from next to the nest.


  • Head to the tower between the Goblin Village and Ice Mountain.
  • Go around the back, climb over the crumbling wall, and talk into the pipe.
  • Ask Rupert the Beard if there is anything that will help get up the tower. (Say "I could try to climb up" then "Is there anything up there that can help")
  • Climb Rupert's beard.
  • Talk to Rupert.
  • Climb down the tower and head to the front.
  • Talk to Miazrqa and ask for the key to the Witch's House.

The PendantEdit

  • Head to the Witch's House.
  • Head into the basement and, whilst wearing gloves, open the gate and search the music stand.
  • Look at the sheet and play the notes on the nearby piano.
  • Read the Shrinking recipe and make two Shrink-me-quick potions.
  • Go upstairs and head into the small room leading to the garden.
  • Drink one of the potions next to the mouse hole and glyph.
  • While in the mouse hole, follow these directions:
    • Run north past the first mouse, find the set of the nails that can be climbed and climb up them.
    • Next, go south, go west, then climb the nails on the northern wall.
    • Climb the nails on the opposite wall in the room.
    • Now, run northeast around the corner and climb down the nails there.
    • Finally, run north and find the last set of nails to climb up. After climbing these, you will find the pendant at the end of the next hallway.
    • Take the pendant.
  • After taking Miazrqa's pendant, leave the mouse hole either by teleporting or going back through the entrance.
  • Talk to Miazrqa.

The BeanstalkEdit

  • Talk to Sylas.
  • Plant and water the Magic beans in the Farming patch next to Sylas.
  • Climb the beanstalk and kill Glod.
  • Take the Golden goblin and give it to Sylas.
  • Use the other shrinking potion on the beanstalk.
  • Chop down the beanstalk.
  • Talk to Sylas.
  • Quest Complete!

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