{{#NewWindowLink:runescape:Halloween mask|RuneScape 3 icon}}{{#NewWindowLink:w:c:2007.runescape:Halloween mask|Old School RuneScape icon}}
Green h'ween mask equipped

A player wearing a green h'ween mask

A Halloween mask, also known as a Hallowe'en mask or a h'ween mask, is a holiday item that was introduced in DarkScape as part of the 2015 Hallowe'en event. They are a rare drop from the Jack-O'-Skelton. Their rarity is determined by the number of masks that have already entered the game. The rate is reset daily.

Halloween mask colors Edit

Icon Item
Green h'ween mask Green h'ween mask
Blue h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask
Red h'ween mask Red h'ween mask

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