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This is the quick guide for Hero's Welcome.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune at the Rellekka docks.
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Quest Quests:

(The following skill requirements are not boostable)

Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat

Welcoming VEdit

Question Answer
What ballad should be played on V's arrival? The ballad of the giant basilisk.
What flowers should be used to decorate the stage? Winter's Eye.
Should magic be used in the ceremony? Yes - Simple air and water magic.
What sort of feast did V have before he left? A victory feast.
How should V be welcomed? As a returning hero.
When did V leave the world? At the end of the Third Age.
Why did V leave the world? Out of respect for Guthix.

Scavenging for energyEdit

  • Return to Alfrick. (Chat option 1)
  • Enter the cave and talk to V. (Chat options 1-1-1-4)
  • Exit the cave.
  • Investigate 5 locations on the island, there are 2 of each location that you must pair up:
    • 2 old docks.
    • 2 fishing boats.
    • 2 gnarled trees.
    • 2 cave entrances.
    • 2 rock formations.
  • Return to V in the cave.
File:Completed map.png
  • After the cutscene, enter the north room.
  • Search the belongings and read the journal.
  • Solve the map fragments.

Ancient caveEdit

  • Prepare for a fight with an adamant dragon.
  • South of Kuradal in the ancient cavern is an ancient door.
  • Use your soft clay on the door.
  • Use your mithril bar on a mithril dragon.
  • Open the door with the key.
  • Kill the adamant dragon.
  • After the cutscene run west to the stepping stones.
  • Jump diagonally to the chest, then continue north.
  • Don't step on any pressure plates. Push the crates out of your way (you are able to push the 2 crates in a line).
  • Open the east door and search the chest.
  • Read the notes and equip the dragonkin protective charm.
  • Enter the Grotworm Lair near Port Sarim.
  • Climb the stairs west of the Queen Black Dragon entrance.
  • Defeat Tarshak, avoiding his charge attack by fleeing from him.
  • Talk to Phalaks.

Final fightEdit

  • Take lots of high healing food including a full BoB if possible and wear the Dragonkin protective charm at all times.
  • Defeat Tarshak in the Brimhaven dungeon in the metal dragon chamber:
    • Stage 1:
      • Focus on mining the 4 pillars in the room while avoiding his attacks.
      • When a pillar cannot be mined any more, lure a fireball attack into the pillar.
      • Repeat until all 4 pillars are broken.
    • Stage 2:
      • Lure Tarshak into the falling rocks, don't stand too close yourself.
      • You may also attack with a regular weapon at the same time.
  • Return to Freya and Alfrick in Rellekka. (Chat option 1)
  • Enter the cave and pass the door.
  • Talk to Freya or Alfrick.
  • Quest complete!

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