High threat area icon

The high threat area of DarkScape encompasses the entire Wilderness, Morytania, Tirannwn, Trollheim, and many of the islands in DarkScape.

Most areas not on the overworld and some dungeons are also high threat areas such as the Runespan and under Paterdomus.

There are no Guards in high threat areas.

The Grand Exchange is located in the Wilderness Volcano.

Visibility (Wilderness)Edit

Visibility in the wilderness is reduced greatly. Seeing far is impossible because the wild is a lot more cloudy. Additionally the minimap has been disabled.

Resources (Wilderness)Edit

Resources have been drastically modified to encourage players venturing into High Risk areas for the best resources.

Wilderness Resources Map

Wilderness Resources Map

Threat Areas
Low threat area icon Low Medium threat area icon Medium High threat area icon High

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