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This is the quick guide for Hunt for Red Raktuber.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Larry at Ardougne zoo
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
Skill requirements may not be boosted.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat None

Larry's HolidayEdit

  1. Talk to Larry in the South West corner of the Ardougne Zoo and agree to help him
  1. Go to South coast of *Witchaven* (East of East Ardougne)
  2. Inspect one of the footprints (South-West of the quest icon there)
  3. Go back to Larry and talk to him to enter a cutscene

Penguin EspionageEdit

Items needed: Penguin suit, 8 Silk, 4 (regular) Planks and 1 Thread

  1. Head to the *Iceberg* (If Larry isn't on the dock, just click the boat to travel)
  2. Talk to Larry and allow accept the penguin transformation (hand and cape slots must be empty)
  3. Investigate Avalanche to enter the penguin lair
  4. Enter first West room and speak to *KGP Interrogator* to interrogate the Captured penguin
    • My captain trusted me to deliver the message
      • Your captain must trust you a great deal
    • My captain found a greater leader
      • What leader could possibly be greater than the Pescaling
      • The sea may control your Captain, but he controls your life
    • He will bring unity by destroying the humans
      • Why not unite all penguins to The Sea, first
      • He's only demonstrating his impatience
    • Nothing can stop him
      • If he comes to rescue you, he'll be captured
    • Our sacrifice will be remembered
      • 'Our sacrifice'? Only you appear to be making the sacrifice
  5. Record the dance emotes that the captured penguin tells you as they are needed later
  6. Search the crate behind you to get a Conch shell, puffer, octopus, monkfish, and a ray
  7. Make a note of the headwear that the captured penguin is wearing (needed for later in the quest)
  8. Talk to Ping & Pong (North East from interrogation room)
  9. Talk to KQP Agent by the control panel, take notes on what makes him sleepy (see full guide for more details)
  10. Return to Ping and Pong to craft the lullaby
  11. Return to the KGP Agent by the control panel and sing him the lullaby
  12. Operate the control panel to open the doors
  13. Head East to the war room and talk to any of the dwarves and then accept the option to "Leave the suit and prove you're a spy"
  14. Speak to the dwarf again
  15. Exit war room (you get kicked out) and talk to Larry
  16. Enter penguin suit and return to the dwarves
  17. Talk to the dwarves then exit the suit
  18. Talk to them again and give them the supplies to get a toolbox
  19. Perform practice run on the engine panel North of the dwarves (see full guide for details)
    1. Wrench -> wirebox
    2. Wire cutter -> wirebox
    3. Wire -> wirebox
    4. Tape -> wirebox
    5. Bellows -> pipe
    6. Click bellows until pressure gauge is in the red
    7. Turn valve wheel until pressure gauge arrow points straight up
    8. Pull lever
  20. Talk to dwarf again (click yes if you wish to repeat the tutorial, otherwise click no)
  21. Return to Larry and talk to him
  22. Put on your penguin suit and talk to Noodle (somewhere around the hideout entrance)
  23. Accept going into debt with the penguin mafia
  24. Enter the hideout and enter first room to the East
    File:KGP office map.png
  25. Navigate to the sorting table without being spotted (see full guide for more details)
  26. Search sorting table to get a telegram
  27. Navigate back out of the room without being spotted
  28. Return to Larry (DO NOT take off your penguine suit or you will have to re-obtain the telegram)
  29. Exit your penguin suit and talk to Larry

Disabling the Red RaktuberEdit

Items needed: The toolbox, the fish hat, the conch shell, penguin suit

  1. Head to Yanille then over to Larry (outside the South East corner by the coast)
  2. Talk to Larry, transform into a penguin, and put on the fish hat the captured penguin was wearing
  3. Blow conch shell then perform the emotes you recorded from the captured penguin (if you don't know them you will have to go back and talk to him)
  4. Talk with a penguin and they will tell you to report to Capatin Marlin
  5. Climb up the ladder, open the door (find the door by clicking the wall with the spinning lights), and go east on the top level until you see a door leading to a cabin decorated with a telescope and bookcase. This is the captain's cabin.
  6. Talk to Captain Marlin
  7. Pick either honest or lie, it doesn't matter
  8. In the brig, walk west and search the hatstand to get an Electric eel, Shark tooth, Crab claw, seaweed, and a Swordfish
  9. Open the East door
  10. Inspect the engine panel
    • Crab claw -> wirebox
    • Shark tooth -> wirebox
    • Electric eel -> wirebox
    • Seaweed -> wirebox
    • Pufferfish -> pipe
    • Click pufferfish until arrow is in the red
    • Octopus -> valve wheel (repeat until arrow is pointing straight up)
    • Swordfish -> lever
    • Pull the lever
  11. Talk to chuck to leave the island
  12. Congratulations quest complete!

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