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This is the quick guide for Icthlarin's Little Helper.
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Start pointQuest map icon South-east of the Southern bridge over the River Elid in the desert far south of Al Kharid. Talk to the Wanderer.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • A kitten, a cat, an overgrown cat, or a Hellcat (if it's a kitten you won't need food since it will only need to be out for seconds at a time)
  • A tinderbox (Dwarven army axe will NOT work, nor will one in your toolbelt. You must bring one in your inventory, and you will lose it.)
  • A full waterskin (which will be taken)
  • A pile of salt or a bag of salt, (Bag of salt is obtainable from the G.E or slayer master) or an empty bucket to obtain a pile of salt
  • Linen (obtainable during quest for 30gp)
  • A willow log
  • A bucket of sap (Use a bucket on an evergreen, found right next to the Catherby Lodestone or in between Falador and Barbarian Village, with a knife in inventory or toolbelt). Note: This is the only way to obtain a bucket of sap, as they cannot be traded or bought from the Grand Exchange.


Enemies to defeat

Important Notes:

  • After returning the Canopic Jar and talking to the priest, you can enter the city through the front gate, so you can use the magic carpet transport.
  • It is possible to get out of the city without purposely dying, finishing the quest, or using a teleport. There is a small crack in the north-eastern corner of the wall near the locust. You can re-enter the city from a rock north-east of where the quest started, directly north-east of the tent where the wanderer is.
  • 3-4 waterskins are recommended- remember, one will be taken from you by the wanderer right at the start. You will not need water within the city, and there are places to fill your water.
  • Note that wearing a lot of weight will make you die faster in the desert. Take this into account- bring more waterskins if you are bringing a lot of armour and weapons with you.
  • Note that jumping the pit is risky. You will not always make it, even if you have 100 run energy and nothing equipped.
  • The level 80 Possessed Priest and one of Apmeken, Het, Crondis or Scabaras are not hard to defeat with the help of prayer.

Deeply Into My EyesEdit

  • Talk to the Wanderer.
    • "Why? What's your problem with it?"
  • Talk to her again.
    • "Yes. I have them all here."
  • Touch the northern door on the southern pyramid (picture of a cat).


  • Follow the Path as shown.
  • Avoid traps and aggressive monsters until you reach a pit.
  • Jump across the pit. (20% run energy + low weight)
  • Enter west door and solve puzzle. (re-roll your puzzle until it looks like solution below)

The Desert DemigodsEdit

  • Talk to the Sphinx with your cat/kitten out.
    • "I need help."
    • "Okay, that sounds fair."
    • "9" (If you answer this question incorrectly you will lose your cat)
    • "Totally positive."
  • Talk to the High Priest.
  • Examine the Canopic Jar in your inventory. (Take note)
  • Enter Pyramid (Right-click the door and click open).
  • Jump over the Pit and enter the west door.
  • Examine the Jars on the ground and take the one that has the same examine as the one in your inventory previously.
  • Kill the NPC that spawns.
  • Take the Jar again.
  • Exit the room and jump over the pit.
  • Jump back over the pit and enter the west room.
  • Complete the puzzle as before.
  • Drop the Jar where you found it.
  • Exit the pyramid. (Trigger a trap for quick exit - you will take damage)

Preparing for the CeremonyEdit

  • Talk to the High Priest.
    • "Sure, no problem."
  • Talk to the Embalmer. (South of temple)
  • Talk to the Carpenter. (East of the pyramid)
    • "Alright, I'll get the wood for you."
  • Talk to the Carpenter again. (With a willow log)
  • Talk to Raetul. (North of the Carpenter)
  • Talk to the Embalmer.
  • Talk to the Carpenter.

Icthlarin's Little HelperEdit

  • Enter the pyramid once again and jump over the pit.
  • Go to the east room and open the door.
  • Use the unholy symbol on any sarcophagus. (Looting all sarcophagi is optional at this point)
  • Exit the room.
  • Jump over the pit again and enter the east room.
  • Talk to the High Priest.
  • Kill the Possessed Priest.
  • Talk to the High Priest.
  • Exit Pyramid.
  • Talk to the High Priest once more in the temple.
  • Quest complete!

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