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This is the quick guide for In Aid of the Myreque.
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Start pointQuest map icon Veliaf Hurtz in the Myreque Hideout
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
Must be able to defeat multiple foes which are resistant to most weapons. Completion of Shades of Mort'ton is recommended for access to Razmire Builders' Merchants.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

(Items marked with an asterisk can be easily acquired during the quest)

  • At least 1 piece of food*

For building the pub, general store and bank:

For building the furnace (these items can be kept in bank):

For making the rod of Ivandis (these items can be kept in bank):

Recommended items:

  • A charged druid pouch
  • 50 coins or a ring of charos (a)
  • A silver weapon (Silver sickle (b), Silverlight, etc)
  • Steel equipment (helmet, chainbody, and platelegs) and food for Ivan (up to 15 pieces of cooked snails, salmon, slimy eel or stew). This is only needed for lower level players, as the enemies you have to protect Ivan from mainly focus their attacks on the player.
Enemies to defeat

Burgh de RottEdit

Items needed: 1 food, 1-5 buckets and 9 free spaces
  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz in the hideout behind Canifis pub. (Chat 1-2-1-1)
  • Travel to Mort'ton, the fastest way is by using the swamp boat in the previous quest.
  • Speak to Florin, south of the summoning obelisk. (Chat 5)
  • Use food on the chest, there are snails to the northwest which you can cook.
  • Jump the gate.
  • Talk to Florin (4-5)
  • Clear the trap door in the pub, then climb down.
  • Fill all your buckets with rubble, your buckets can be emptied on the pile outside the pub.
  • Search the plaque.
  • Go up and talk to any villager. (Chat 3-4)

General store and bankEdit

Items needed: 11 planks, 10 bronze hatchets, 3 tinderboxes, 44 nails, 2 steel bars, 1 swamp paste and 1 coal. You can equip one of the bronze hatchets to allow doing this in one trip
  • Talk to Aurel in the general store. (4-5)
  • Climb the ladder and use a plank on the roof.
  • Climb down and use a plank on any damaged wall.
  • Talk to Aurel. (4-5)
  • Fill the box with supplies, snails are found northwest over the bridge, mackeral can be fished south of the bank. Don't cook them, just add them to the box.
  • Return the crate to Aurel.
  • Talk to Cornelius in the bank. (4-5)
  • Use a plank on the glassy booth.
  • Use a plank on the wall behind it.
  • Talk to Cornelius (4-3)
  • Talk to any villager. (4-5)
  • Use a steel bar and coal on the furnace east.
  • Search the furnace to light it.

Vampyre slayerEdit

Items needed: A silver melee weapon, combat equipment, food
  • Talk to Gadderanks in the general store.
  • Talk to everyone else in the general store.
  • Kill Gadderanks and the vampyres.
  • Talk to Gadderanks.
  • Talk to Veliaf (might bug and say 'Null', continue to Canifis hideout)
  • Talk to Veliaf in the Canifis hideout. (5)
  • Talk to Polmafi then Radigad then Ivan.
  • Route 1 is generally easier:
    • Kill the vampyres.
  • Enter the nearby trapdoor and talk to Drezel until he gives you a key. (If you can ask for items (2) then (1-4-3)
  • Use the key on the east wall, then climb the secret trapdoor.
  • Find and read all 3 books.

Silvthrill rodEdit

Items needed: Rope, Water rune, Cosmic rune, Soft clay, Silver bar, Cut sapphire, Mithril bar
  • Smash the boards south of the secret wall in the hideout.
  • Enter and use soft clay on the tomb.
  • Smelt a silvthrill rod at any furnace.
  • Enchant it using the Enchant Level 1 Jewellery spell.
  • Use the rod on the well west of Drezel.
  • Return to the pub where you cleared the rubble.
  • Talk to Veliaf. (1-1)
  • Quest complete!

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