Pumpkin Pete chathead Jack-O'-Skelton only appears during certain holiday or seasonal events and may not be currently found in-game.

The Jack-O'-Skelton is a seasonal boss released during the 2015 Hallowe'en event. He spawns every 15 minutes during the event.


Jack-O'Skelton spawns every 15 minutes in one of a few predesignated places. When he is about to spawn, a server-wide announcement will be shown.

  • Jack-O'Skelton has just spawned near Seers' Village
    • Directly south-west of Seer's bank.
  • Jack-O'Skelton has just spawned near The Wilderness
    • Directly in the center of Lava Maze.
  • Jack-O'Skelton has just spawned near Lumbridge/Draynor
    • Directly west of Lumbridge Castle, by the water well.

Attack Edit

His attacks can be predicted by what he says.

  • When he says "ENTER DARKNESS":
    • The players' screen will go dark for a number of seconds in which time they will take some melee damage, sometimes a considerable amount.
  • When he says "Let me lend you a hand!":
    • Hands will spawn up from the ground and damage all players within reach. This is an Area of Effect attack.
  • When he says "Say hello to my little friends!":
    • Jack-O'-Skelton will spawn level 65 Spiderlings. The spiders must be killed first in order for him to take any further damage.
  • When he says "Time to mix things up a little!":
    • Players will receive a message saying "You hear Jack-O'-Skelton whisper in your ear saying <NAME> should be killed..." If you do not click away during that time, you will attack the named player, which will get you skulled.


100% DropsEdit

Players obtain the following drops upon their first contribution.

Item Quantity Rarity
Jack lantern maskJack lantern mask1Always
Skeleton maskSkeleton mask1Always
Skeleton shirtSkeleton shirt1Always
Skeleton leggingsSkeleton leggings1Always
Skeleton glovesSkeleton gloves1Always
Skeleton bootsSkeleton boots1Always
Scared emote iconScared1Always
Zombie Hand emote iconZombie Hand1Always
Trick emote iconTrick1Always
Puppet Master emote iconPuppet Master1Always
Living on Borrowed Time emote iconLiving on Borrowed Time1Always
The Architect (emote)The Architect1Always
Proto Pack emote iconProto Pack1Always


Item Quantity Rarity
Doctor&#039;s chocolate 4Doctor's chocolates1–5Common
Healer&#039;s chocolate 4Healer's chocolates1–5Common
Porter&#039;s chocolate 4Porter's chocolates1–5Common
Priest&#039;s chocolate 4Priest's chocolates1–5Common
Fighter&#039;s chocolate 4Fighter's chocolates1–5Common
Berserker&#039;s chocolate 4Berserker's chocolates1–5Common
Knight&#039;s chocolate 4Knight's chocolates1–5Common


The rarity of the masks is a function of how many masks have already entered the game. Thus, the earlier the player attempted to obtain one after a daily reset, the more successful they would be. Drop rates reset on a daily basis at 00:00 UTC.

Item Quantity Rarity
Green h&#039;ween maskGreen h'ween mask1Rare
Blue h&#039;ween maskBlue h'ween mask1Rare
Red h&#039;ween maskRed h'ween mask1Rare

Trivia Edit

  • Its name is both a reference to a Jack o' lantern, and the Mr. Skeltal meme.
  • Its examine text is a reference to the Mr. Skeltal meme.

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