For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

Non-members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
The Knight's Sword Medium 10 Mining-icon None 1

Template:*212,725 Smithing-icon experience Template:*2A blurite sword Template:*2Ability to smelt blurite ores

Members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
All Fired Up Short 43 Firemaking-icon Priest in Peril 1

Template:*220,000 coins Template:*25,500 Firemaking-icon experience Template:*2Access to minigame

Animal Magnetism Medium 18 Slayer-icon
19 Crafting-icon
30 Ranged-icon
35 Woodcutting-icon

The Restless Ghost
Ernest the Chicken
Priest in Peril


Template:*21,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*21,000 Fletching-icon experience Template:*21,000 Slayer-icon experience Template:*22,500 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*2Blessed hatchet Template:*2 Ava's device

Another Slice of H.A.M. Short 15 Attack-icon
25 Prayer-icon

Death to the Dorgeshuun
The Giant Dwarf
The Digsite


Template:*23000 Mining-icon experience Template:*23000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*21 Dorgesh-kaan sphere Template:*2Ancient goblin mace Template:*2Ability to buy Goblin Village teleport orbs Template:*2Access to Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System

Big Chompy Bird Hunting Short 5 Fletching-icon
30 Cooking-icon
30 Ranged-icon
None 2

Template:*2262 Fletching-icon experience Template:*21,470 Cooking-icon experience Template:*2735 Ranged-icon experience Template:*2Access to Ogre bow and Ogre hat Template:*2Ability to fletch Ogre arrows

Carnillean Rising Medium 33 Thieving-icon
31 Construction-icon
Hazeel Cult
The Blood Pact

Template:*22,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*22,500 Construction-icon experience Template:*22 Carnillean lamps Template:*25000 coins Template:*2Construction supplies(100 oak planks, 30 teak planks and 10 mahogany planks Template:*2Treasure chest

Cold War Medium 10 Hunter-icon
30 Agility-icon
30 Crafting-icon
34 Construction-icon
None 1

Template:*22,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*25,000 Agility-icon experience Template:*21,500 Construction-icon experience Template:*2Access to Penguin Agility Course Template:*2Ability to contact Larry through NPC Contact Template:*2Ability to make penguin suit Template:*2Access to two points for penguins in Penguin Hide and Seek

Creature of Fenkenstrain Medium 20 Crafting-icon
25 Thieving-icon

Priest in Peril
Restless Ghost


Template:*21 Ring of Charos Template:*21,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Access to Experiment Cave

Darkness of Hallowvale Long 5 Construction-icon
20 Mining-icon
22 Thieving-icon
26 Agility-icon
32 Crafting-icon
33 Magic-icon
40 Strength-icon
In Aid of the Myreque 2

Template:*27,000 Agility-icon experience Template:*26,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*22,000 Construction-icon experience Template:*2Tome of xp (6,000 skill exp) Template:*2Access to Meiyerditch, Shortcut key Template:*2Access to Burgh de Rott Ramble

Death to the Dorgeshuun Long 23 Agility-icon
23 Thieving-icon
Lost Tribe 1

Template:*22,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*22,000 Ranged-icon experience Template:*2Access to HAM storerooms, Dorgesh-Kaan, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Template:*2Access to water wheel tunnel Template:*2Access to Dorgeshuun special attacks

Digsite Quest Long 10 Agility-icon
10 Herblore-icon
25 Thieving-icon
None 2

Template:*215,300 Mining-icon experience Template:*22,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*22 gold bars

Dishonour among Thieves Long 30 Agility-icon
30 Thieving-icon
Missing, Presumed Death
Hazeel Cult

Template:*21,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*21,500 Agility-icon experience Template:*2500 21x21px experience Template:*2Combat XP lamp rewarding 1,500 experience in a choice of either Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged or Constitution Template:*2Jerrod's cape (and override) Template:*2Tiny Hazeel Template:*2An upgraded Mask of Sliske

Elemental Workshop II Medium 20 Magic-icon
30 Smithing-icon
Elemental Workshop I 1

Template:*27,500 Smithing-icon experience Template:*27,500 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Ability to make mind shield and elemental helmet

Elemental Workshop III Medium 20 Mining-icon
33 Defence-icon
33 Smithing-icon
Elemental Workshop II 1

Template:*22,500 Smithing-icon experience Template:*250 noted coal Template:*2Book of knowledge (gives 4,250 Defence-icon experience and 3,250 Smithing-icon experience twice) Template:*2Ability to make body equipment

Elemental Workshop IV Medium 41 Crafting-icon
39 Runecrafting-icon
39 Thieving-icon
40 Defence-icon
42 Smithing-icon
Elemental Workshop III 2

Template:*29,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*27,500 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*250 noted coal Template:*2Ability to make chaos equipment

Enlightened Journey Medium 20 Firemaking-icon
30 Farming-icon
36 Crafting-icon
None 1

Template:*22,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*23,000 Farming-icon experience Template:*21,500 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*24,000 Firemaking-icon experience Template:*21 Bomber jacket, Bomber cap Template:*2Access to Balloon transport system Template:*2Access to Origami balloons

Eyes of Glouphrie, The Medium 5 Construction-icon
46 Magic-icon
The Grand Tree 2

Template:*212,000 Magic-icon experience Template:*22,500 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*26,000 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*2250 Construction-icon experience Template:*21 Small crystal seed

The Feud Medium 30 Thieving-icon None 1

Template:*21 Willow blackjack Template:*21 Desert disguise Template:*215,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2500 coins Template:*2Ability to do part of Rogue Trader

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Long 22 Cooking-icon
17 Farming-icon
The Giant Dwarf
Fishing Contest

Template:*25,000 Farming-icon experience Template:*25,000 Cooking-icon experience Template:*22 Mature dwarven stouts

Fremennik Trials, The Long 40 Woodcutting-icon
40 Crafting-icon
25 Fletching-icon
None 3

Template:*22812.4 Agility-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Attack-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Crafting-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Defence-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Fishing-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Fletching-icon experience Template:*22812.4 21x21px experience Template:*22812.4 Strength-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Thieving-icon experience Template:*22812.4 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*2Access to Miscellania and Etceteria, and facilities in Rellekka Template:*2Ability to wear Fremennik helms

Garden of Tranquillity Long 25 Farming-icon Creature of Fenkenstrain 2

Template:*25,000 Farming-icon experience Template:*2Access to activated Ring of Charos Template:*21 apple seed, acorn, 5 guam seeds Template:*24 doses of supercompost potion

Ghosts Ahoy Medium 25 Agility-icon
20 Cooking-icon
Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost

Template:*22,400 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2Access to Port Phasmatys Template:*2Ability to use the Ectophial

Giant Dwarf, The Medium 12 Crafting-icon
16 Firemaking-icon
33 Magic-icon
14 Thieving-icon
None 2

Template:*22,500 Crafting-icon experience Template:*22,500 Mining-icon experience Template:*22,500 Smithing-icon experience Template:*21,500 Firemaking-icon experience Template:*21,500 Magic-icon experience Template:*21,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Access to more gravestones

Golem, The Medium 20 Crafting-icon
25 Thieving-icon
None 1

Template:*21,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*21,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*22 cut rubies, emeralds, sapphires Template:*2Access to Uzer by Magic carpet

Hand in the Sand, The Medium 17 Thieving-icon
49 Crafting-icon
None 1

Template:*21,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*29,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Access to pink dye from Betty Template:*284 Buckets of sands per 24 hours

Heart of Stone Medium 25 Runecrafting-icon
35 Magic-icon

Carnillean Rising
Rune Memories


Template:*21,500 Runecrafting-icon experience lamp Template:*21,500 Magic-icon experience lamp Template:*2Two 500 Multicombat experience lamps

Holy Grail Medium - Long 20 Attack-icon Merlin's Crystal 2

Template:*211,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*215,300 Defence-icon experience Template:*2Access to Fisher Realm Template:*2Ability to put King Arthur portrait in POH

Hunt for Red Raktuber Short - Medium 38 Thieving-icon
45 Hunter-icon
45 Construction-icon
Cold War
Sea Slug

Template:*23,000 Construction-icon experience Template:*22,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*21,500 Hunter-icon experience Template:*2Access to Penguin Hunting Area Template:*2Penguin Hide and Seek bonus

Icthlarin's Little Helper Medium None Gertrude's Cat 2

Template:*24,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*24,500 Agility-icon experience Template:*24,500 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*21 Amulet of Catspeak Template:*2Access to Sophanem

In Aid of the Myreque Long 25 Crafting-icon
15 Mining-icon
7 Magic-icon
In Search of Myreque
Nature Spirit

Template:*22,000 Attack-icon experience Template:*22,000 Strength-icon experience Template:*22,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*22,000 Defence-icon experience Template:*2Access to Burgh de Rott Template:*2Access to Temple Trekking Template:*2Ability to use Gadderhammer Template:*2Ability to make Rod of Ivandis and Guthix balance potion

In Search of the Myreque Short 25 Agility-icon Nature Spirit 2

Template:*2600 Attack-icon experience Template:*2600 Defence-icon experience Template:*2600 Strength-icon experience Template:*2600 21x21px experience Template:*2600 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Access to The Hollows Template:*22 uncut rubies,4 big bones

Kennith's Concerns Medium 46 Mining-icon Slug Menace 1

Template:*212,000 Mining-icon experience Template:*25,000 Agility-icon experience Template:*2Access to Witchaven mines Template:*2Access to rubium Template:*2Ability to make Super fishing explosives

Lost Tribe, The Medium 13 Agility-icon
13 Thieving-icon
17 Mining-icon
Goblin Diplomacy
Rune Mysteries

Template:*23,000 Mining-icon experience Template:*21 Ring of life Template:*2Access to Dorgeshuun Mine Template:*2Access to a shortcut Template:*2Ability to use two new emotes

Making History Medium 7 Magic-icon
20 Crafting-icon
40 Smithing-icon
Priest in Peril
Restless Ghost

Template:*21,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*21,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2750 coins Template:*21 Enchanted key Template:*2Access to Enchanted key miniquest

Meeting History Medium None Making History
Druidic Ritual

Template:*2Old tome (2,500 skill exp) Template:*2More treasure in Enchanted key miniquest

Merlin's Crystal Medium - Long None None 6

Template:*21 Excalibur

Missing My Mummy Medium 35 Construction-icon
35 Cooking-icon
35 Crafting-icon
35 Magic-icon
35 Prayer-icon
Prince Ali Rescue
The Golem
Garden of Tranquillity
Icthlarin's Little Helper

Template:*25,000 coins Template:*27,000 21x21px experience Template:*2Access to Pharaoh Queen's burial chamber Template:*2 Cooking-icon experience Template:*2 Construction-icon experience Template:*2 Magic-icon experience Template:*2 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2 Thieving-icon xp gained during quest

Mountain Daughter Medium 20 Agility-icon None 2

Template:*22,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*21,000 Attack-icon experience Template:*21 Bearhead mask

My Arm's Big Adventure Medium 10 Woodcutting-icon
29 Farming-icon
Eadgar's Ruse
The Feud
Jungle Potion

Template:*210,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*25,000 Farming-icon experience Template:*2Access to disease-free herb patch

Olaf's Quest Short 40 Firemaking-icon
50 Woodcutting-icon
Fremennik Trials 1

Template:*212,000 Defence-icon experience Template:*220,000 coins Template:*24 cut rubies Template:*2Access to Brine Rat Cavern

Quiet Before the Swarm Medium 42 Strength-icon
35 Attack-icon
Imp Catcher Wanted!
Must have played in at least one game of Pest Control

Template:*24,000 Attack-icon experience Template:*24,900 Strength-icon experience Template:*2Void seal

Rat Catchers Long None Icthlarin's Little Helper 2

Template:*24,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*21 Rat pole Template:*2Access to wily and lazy cats Template:*2Access to the Rat Pits

Salt in the Wound Medium
60 Defence-icon
50 21x21px
47 Herblore-icon
45 21x21px
35 21x21px
Kennith's Concerns 2

Template:*245,000 Defence-icon experience Template:*217,500 21x21px experience Template:*215,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*212,500 21x21px experience Template:*25,000 21x21px experience Template:*2100 more bound ammunition/runes in Daemonheim (raising the total to 225)

Scorpion Catcher Short - Medium 31 Prayer-icon None 1

Template:*26,625 Strength-icon experience Template:*2Access to mystic battlestaves

Sea Slug Short 30 Firemaking-icon None 1

Template:*27,175 Fishing-icon experience Template:*2Access to Fishing Platform Template:*2Oyster pearls

Shades of Mort'ton Medium 20 Crafting-icon
15 Herblore-icon
Priest in Peril 3

Template:*22,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*22,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Access to activity

Shadow of the Storm Medium 30 Crafting-icon Demon Slayer
The Golem

Template:*210,000 (combat skill exp) Template:*2Silverlight becoming Darklight

Slug Menace Medium 30 Crafting-icon
30 Runecrafting-icon
30 Slayer-icon
30 Thieving-icon
Sea Slug Quest

Template:*23,500 Crafting-icon experience Template:*23,500 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*23,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Promotion to Proselyte

SS2, TK4
Smoking Kills Medium 25 Crafting-icon
35 Slayer-icon
90 Multicombat
The Restless Ghost
Icthlarin's Little Helper

Template:*25,000 Slayer-icon experience Template:*2Access to new Slayer Master Template:*2Access to Desert Slayer Dungeon Template:*2Ability to construct combined slayer items Template:*2Access to miniquest

Spirit of Summer Medium 40 Construction-icon
26 Farming-icon
35 Prayer-icon
19 21x21px
None 1

Template:*27,500 Construction-icon experience Template:*25,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*22,000 Farming-icon experience Template:*21,000 21x21px experience Template:*21 Jennica's ring Template:*2Access to Spirit Realm and treasures Template:*2Access to Cursed Magic Tree

Spirits of the Elid Short - Medium 33 Magic-icon
37 Ranged-icon
37 Mining-icon
37 Thieving-icon
None 2

Template:*28,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*21,000 Thieving-icon experience Template:*21,000 Magic-icon experience Template:*2Access to Nardah's fountain, shrine and bank

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Long 15 Agility-icon
30 Cooking-icon
5 Fishing-icon
Jungle Potion 2

Template:*25,000 Cooking-icon experience Template:*25,000 Fishing-icon experience Template:*22,500 Attack-icon experience Template:*22,500 Strength-icon experience Template:*22,000 Coins Template:*21 karambwan poisoned rune spear Template:*2Access to brothers' stores Template:*2Access to tribal statue, karambwan, karambwanji Template:*2Access to part of Barbarian training

Tail of Two Cats, A Medium None Icthlarin's Little Helper 2

Template:*22 Antique lamps (5,000 skill exp) Template:*21 Mouse toy

Tears of Guthix Short 43Quest
49 Firemaking-icon
20 Crafting-icon
20 Mining-icon
None 1

Template:*21,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Access to Tears of Guthix (Distraction and Diversion).

Tourist Trap, The Long 10 Fletching-icon
20 Smithing-icon
None 2

Template:*24,650 Agility-icon experience Template:*24,650 Fletching-icon experience Template:*24,650 Smithing-icon experience Template:*24,650 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Ability to smith darts

Tree Gnome Village Short - Medium None None 2

Template:*211,450 Attack-icon experience Template:*2Access to Spirit Tree system Template:*21 Gnome amulet

Tribal Totem Short 21 Thieving-icon None 1

Template:*21,775 Thieving-icon experience Template:*25 swordfish Template:*2Access to Lord Handelmort's garden

Wanted! Long 32Quest The Lost Tribe
Priest in Peril
Recruitment Drive
Rune Mysteries

Template:*25,000 Slayer-icon experience Template:*2Access to armour of White Knights Template:*220 runecrafting essences

Watchtower Long 14 Herblore-icon
14 Magic-icon
15 Thieving-icon
25 Agility-icon
40 Mining-icon
None 4

Template:*215,250 Magic-icon experience Template:*25,000 coins Template:*21 spell scroll (for Watchtower Teleport) Template:*2Access to Gu'Tanoth and Ogre Enclave

Waterfall Quest Medium None None 1

Template:*213,750 Attack-icon experience Template:*213,750 Strength-icon experience Template:*22 gold bars, diamonds Template:*240 mithril seeds Template:*2Access to Waterfall dungeon

What Lies Below Short 35 Runecrafting-icon Rune Mysteries 1

Template:*28,000 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*22,000 Defence-icon experience Template:*21 Beacon ring Template:*2Access to shortcut to chaos altar Template:*2Ability to wear Dagon'hai robes after killing Bork in the Chaos Tunnels

Witch's House Short None None 4

Template:*26,325 21x21px experience

Zogre Flesh Eaters Medium 4 Smithing-icon
8 Herblore-icon
8 Strength-icon
30 Fletching-icon
30 Ranged-icon
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Jungle Potion

Template:*22,000 Fletching-icon experience Template:*22,000 Ranged-icon experience Template:*22,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*2Access to Jiggig Template:*2Ability to make Relicym's balm, fletch Composite ogre bow and brutal arrows Template:*2Bonus experience and events


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