For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

The following are a list of Novice quests in RuneScape:

Non-members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
A Shadow over Ashdale Short None None 1

Template:*2300 Attack-icon experience. Template:*2300 Strength-icon experience. Template:*2300 Defence-icon experience. Template:*2300 21x21px experience. Template:*23 black pearls

The Blood Pact Short None None 1

Template:*2100 Attack-icon experience. Template:*2100 Strength-icon experience. Template:*2100 Defence-icon experience. Template:*2100 Ranged-icon experience. Template:*2100 Magic-icon experience. Template:*2Access to Lumbridge Catacombs Template:*2Reese's Sword, Caitlin's Staff, Kayle's chargebow Template:*2Helmet of trials (with 300+ quest points)

Cook's Assistant Very Short None None 1

Template:*2 300 Cooking-icon experience. Template:*2 Permission to use the cook's range (50% more successful food cooking). Template:*220 sardines (noted) Template:*2500 coins

The Death of Chivalry Medium None None 3

Template:*2250 Magic-icon experience. Template:*2500 Strength-icon experience. Template:*22500 Coins Template:*2500 Attack-icon, Strength-icon, Defence-icon, 21x21px, Ranged-icon or Magic-icon Combat lamp. Template:*2250 Prayer-icon Xp lamp. Template:*2 [Name] the Gallant, [Name] the Pious, [Name] the Brave and [Name] the Valiant titles. Template:*2Sir Owen Sonde's shield Template:*2Skull of Remembrance Template:*2Black Knight captain's armour

Death Plateau Medium None None 1 T1
Demon Slayer Medium None None 3

Template:*2 Silverlight Template:*2 3 x 100 combat xp lamps Template:*2 Talk to Historian Minas at the Varrock Museum to receive 5 Kudos (members)

Druidic Ritual Short None None 4

Template:*2250 Herblore-icon experience Template:*2Access to Herblore skill

Ernest the Chicken Medium None None 4

Template:*23000 coins. Template:*210 eggs. Template:*2300 feathers.

Goblin Diplomacy Very Short None None 5

Template:*2 A gold bar Template:*2 200 Crafting-icon experience.

Gunnar's Ground Short 5 Crafting-icon None 5[1]

Template:*2300 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2200 xp Antique lamp Template:*2Swanky boots Template:*2Ability to get further Crafting tasks from Dororan (requiring up to level 90 Crafting, boosts allowed)

Imp Catcher Medium None None 1

Template:*2 An Amulet of Accuracy. Template:*2 875 Magic-icon experience.

Let Them Eat Pie Very Short None None 1 Template:*2100 Cooking-icon experience Template:*2150 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2An Expensive spices necklace. Template:*2meat pies.
Myths of the White Lands Medium None None 1

Template:*2Antique lamp (500 skill exp) Template:*2Access to Land of Snow Template:*2Extra Crafting-icon, Agility-icon, Woodcutting-icon exp

Pirate's Treasure Medium None None 2

Template:*2 One-time access to One-Eyed Hector's Treasure Chest (450 coins, cut Emerald and a Gold ring). Template:*2 Access to Payfare option for Karamja shippings.

The Restless Ghost Short None None 1

Template:*2 125 Prayer-icon experience. Template:*2 5 ancient bones that gives 200 Prayer-icon experience each. Template:*2 Amulet of Ghostspeak. Template:*2 Ability to buy Gravestone Upgrades

Rune Mysteries Short None None 1

Template:*2250 Magic-icon experience Template:*2250 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*2Tower mindspike Template:*2First tower hat Template:*2Air talisman Template:*270 mind runes Template:*24 new titles

Shield of Arrav Medium None None 1


Stolen Hearts Short None None 3

Template:*2250 21x21px experience Template:*2250 experience agility XP lamp (members) Template:*2250 experience thieving XP lamp (members) Template:*2 250 experience Combat XP lamp Template:*22500 coins

Swept Away Short None None 2

Template:*2 A broomstick. Template:*2 Additional magic experience from the witches across Gielinor. Template:*2 Access to 10 bowls of experience-giving Goulash. Template:*2 Access to the Purple cat miniquest.

Vampyre Slayer Short None None 3

Template:*24,825 Attack-icon experience.

What's Mine is Yours Short 5 Smithing-icon None 1

Template:*2 180 coins. Template:*2 1000 Mining-icon experience. Template:*2 400 Smithing-icon experience. Template:*2 1 Gofannon amulet.

Wolf Whistle Short None None 1

Template:*2276 21x21px experience Template:*2275 Gold charms Template:*29 Howl scrolls Template:*2Access to Summoning skill

  1. Only if Romeo and Juliet not completed

Members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
Biohazard Short - Medium None Plague City 3

Template:*21,250 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Access to Combat Training Camp

Bringing Home the Bacon Medium 14 Farming-icon
14 21x21px
14 Construction-icon
None 1

Template:*2350 Farming-icon experience Template:*2350 21x21px experience Template:*2350 Construction-icon experience Template:*2A pig pet Template:*2Access to pig pits Template:*2Ability to make pig familiars Template:*2Ability to cook and eat Bacon

Broken Home Long None None 1

Template:*2 A small prismatic lampTemplate:*2 Pulled Away emoteTemplate:*2Asylum doctor's ringTemplate:*2 Ability to replay the quest for more rewards

Buyers and Cellars Short 5 Thieving-icon
None 1

Template:*2500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Access to the Thieving Guild

Clock Tower Short None None 1

Template:*2 500 coins

Diamond in the Rough Short None Stolen Hearts 1

Template:*2250 Agility-icon experience Template:*2250 21x21px experience Template:*2250 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2 250 experience combat XP lamp Template:*2Access to the Kalphite Nursery

Dwarf Cannon Short None None 1

Template:*2750 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2Access to Dwarf multicannon Template:*2Ability to smith cannonballs

Eagles' Peak Medium 27 Hunter-icon None 2

Template:*22,500 Hunter-icon experience Template:*2Ability to capture ferrets Template:*2Access to Eagle transport system

Elemental Workshop I Short 20 Mining-icon
20 Smithing-icon
20 Crafting-icon
None 1

Template:*25,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*25,000 Smithing-icon experience Template:*2Access to the Elemental Workshop Template:*2Ability to make Elemental shield

Fishing Contest Short 10 Fishing-icon None 1

Template:*22,437 Fishing-icon experience Template:*2Access to White Wolf Mountain shortcut

Fur 'n' Seek Medium 25 Slayer-icon Rag and Bone Man 2

Template:*22,500 21x21px experience Template:*22,500 Slayer-icon experience Template:*21,500 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2500 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2500 Firemaking-icon experience Template:*2Access to second part of the quest

Gertrude's Cat Short None None 1

Template:*21,525 Cooking-icon experience Template:*2Access to pet kittens Template:*21 chocolate cake, stew

Hazeel Cult Short None None 1

Template:*21,500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*22,000 coins

Jungle Potion Short - Medium 3 Herblore-icon Druidic Ritual 1

Template:*2775 Herblore-icon experience Template:*2Access to Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup

Missing, Presumed Death Medium None None 2 Template:*2500 Prayer-icon experience lamp Template:*21,000 Agility-icon experience lampTemplate:*21500 experience combat lamp Template:*2Mask of Sliske Template:*2Book of the Underworld Template:*2Invitation box
Monk's Friend Short None None 1

Template:*22,000 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*28 law runes

Murder Mystery Short None None 3

Template:*22,000 coins Template:*21,406 Crafting-icon experience

Nature Spirit Short - Medium 18 Crafting-icon
10 Prayer-icon
Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost

Template:*23,000 Crafting-icon experience Template:*22,000 Defence-icon experience Template:*2 2,000 21x21px experience Template:*2Access to Mort Myre swamp Template:*2Access to Nature Spirit altar, ghasts Template:*23 apple pies, meat pies

Observatory Quest Short 10 Crafting-icon None 2

Template:*22,250 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2875 Attack-icon experience Template:*2 875 Defence-icon experience Template:*2 875 21x21px experience Template:*2 875 Strength-icon experience Template:*2An item of a few amount Template:*2Access to Spirit of Scorpius

One Piercing Note Medium None None 2

Template:*2 250 Prayer-icon experience Citharede robes Template:*29 Troubadour Dance emote

Perils of Ice Mountain Short 10 Construction-icon
10 Farming-icon
10 Hunter-icon
11 Thieving-icon
None 1

Template:*2500 Construction-icon experience Template:*2500 Farming-icon experience Template:*2500 Hunter-icon experience Template:*2500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Ability to smith pickaxes Template:*2Access to the power station ladder for quicker access

Plague City Short - Medium None None 1

Template:*22,425 Mining-icon experience Template:*21 A magic scroll (for Ardougne Teleport) Template:*2Ability to make teletab to Ardougne Template:*2Access to West Ardougne

Priest in Peril Medium None Rune Mysteries 1

Template:*21,406 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2Access to Morytania Template:*21 Wolfbane dagger

Rag and Bone Man Medium None None 2

Template:*2500 Cooking-icon experience Template:*2500 Prayer-icon experience Template:*2Access to second part of the quest

Recruitment Drive Short None Black Knight's Fortress
Druidic Ritual

Template:*21,000 Prayer-icon experience Template:*21,000 Agility-icon experience Template:*21,000 Herblore-icon experience Template:*21 Initiate sallet Template:*2Access to Initiate Armour Template:*2Gaze of saradomin (Access to Falador as respawn location)

Rune Mechanics Short 27 Magic-icon
20 Runecrafting-icon
25 Construction-icon
Rune Mysteries

Wolf Whistle


Template:*2 900 Construction-icon experience Template:*2 2,300 Magic-icon experience Template:*2 1,850 Runecrafting-icon experience Template:*2 Rune Guardian Pet Template:*2 Fire talisman or Water talisman Template:*2 Binding necklace

Rune Memories Short None Rune Mysteries 1

Template:*2First tower robes Template:*2300 Magic-icon experience Template:*2300 Runecrafting-icon experience

Sheep Herder Short None None 4

Template:*23,100 coins

Song from the Depths Short None None 1
Soul's Bane, A Medium None None 1

Template:*2500 Defence-icon experience Template:*2500 21x21px experience Template:*2500 coins Template:*2Access to Dungeon of Tolna

Tale of the Muspah, The Medium 6 Firemaking-icon
8 Mining-icon
10 Magic-icon
10 Woodcutting-icon
None 1

Template:*21,000 Magic-icon experience Template:*2800 Mining-icon experience Template:*2800 Woodcutting-icon experience Template:*2500 Firemaking-icon experience Template:*2Experience lamp (200 exp) Template:*24 sapphires Template:*2Access to Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern

Tower of Life Short 10 Construction-icon None 2

Template:*21,000 Construction-icon experience Template:*2500 Crafting-icon experience Template:*2500 Thieving-icon experience Template:*2Access to Creature Creation Template:*2Access to Builder's costume and emote

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