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This article is about Mary who is a major of the Imperial Guard. For other people called Mary, see Mary.

Major Mary Rancour is a high ranked member of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard and the combat tutor. She can be found in Burthorpe just south of Commander Denulth. She is quite objective so sustaining chat with her is fairly difficult. She oversees the combatants and guards Burthorpe by watching the troll path from the wall at the north east area.

Players may also ask her for "free stuff" once, and she will give them a cabbage and a dwarven army axe. If the dwarven army axe is lost, she will replace it for free.

She has many scars on her face, supporting the fact that she is a very active fighter and strategist. She gives advice and suggestions for players who are willing to train combat.


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