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This is the quick guide for Meeting History.
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Start pointQuest map icon The outpost North-West of West Ardougne.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. (Check your steel key-ring, if you possess one, for the enchanted key. Do not take anything else with you, including items you wear. Players will be given an option to bank the items by Jorral during the quest)
Enemies to defeat None

Starting outEdit

  • Speak to Jorral.
  • Rub the key in the following location:


The pastEdit

  • Talk to Laura.
  • Come back to the present.
  • Talk to Jorral.
  • Go back to the location shown above and rub the key (choose Past A).

Helping JackEdit

  • Talk to Jack in Past A.
  • Talk to Jack in Past B.
  • Answer with the following:
    • Super Jack the Fantasmic.
    • Cosmic, mind, body, and fire runes
    • Misalionar
    • Seven
    • Trying to create a fire
    • Create chocolate cakes
    • Good
    • Strawberry
  • Talk to Sarah in the back yard still in Past B.
  • Go to Past A.
  • Take a spade and 6 plant pots.
  • Use the spade or a plant pot on a sapling.
  • Use the sapling pot on the correct tree spot using this image:
  • Go to Past B.
  • Talk to Sarah.
  • Talk to Jack.

Healing Baby SarahEdit

  • Talk to Roger in Past A.
  • Go to Past B.
  • Talk to Sarah.
  • Go to Past A.
  • Search the tables and shelves to find papyrus, charcoal, guam, a bucket of milk, a bowl and a pestle and mortar.
  • Use the bowl on the beehive just west of the house.
  • Grind the guam.
  • Use the milk on the honey.
  • Add the ground guam.
  • Use the mixture on Baby Sarah.

A Map for LauraEdit

  • Go to Past B.
  • Talk to Laura.
  • Go to Past A.
  • Use the charcoal on the papyrus.
  • Give this to Laura in Past A.
  • Go to Past B.
  • Talk to Laura.

Laura's broochEdit

  • Go to Past A.
  • Talk to Laura.
  • Search the northern bedside table to find the brooch.
  • Go to the east side of the house and use the brooch on the soil mound west of the shed Laura is building.
  • Go to Past B.
  • Take the spade from the shed.
  • Dig up the brooch in Past B.
  • Give Laura the brooch in Past B.

Finishing upEdit

  • Return to the present.
  • Talk to Jorral.
  • Quest complete!

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