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This is the quick guide for Nomad's Requiem.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Zimberfizz at Soul Wars
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Quest Quests:
Temporary boosts do not work for any skill requirement.


  • Have standard prayer book active
  • 76 21x21px Constitution
  • Having high (75+) combat skills, unless you're particularly good at combat. Use high defence armour when fighting Nomad. A shield can be useful.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Runes for several Fire waves (4 fire and 4 air per cast)
  • A magic weapon to cast Fire wave (wand or staff)
  • Good armour and weapons (tier 70+ recommended)
  • Good food such as sharks


Enemies to defeat
  • Decaying avatar (Level 98)
  • Nomad (Level 699) (you will respawn very close to your gravestone if you die during this fight)

Getting startedEdit

The Hidden TempleEdit

  • Talk to Nomad.
  • Go up the ladder.
  • Talk to Zimberfizz.

Disabling the PowerEdit

Doorway OneEdit

File:Nomad's Requiem solution.png
  • Go back down the tent and head through the Southwest doorway.
  • Go up the ladder in the Southeast corner and pull both levers.
  • Go up the ladder in the Northeast corner and push both pillars over the drains.
  • Go back down and make sure that water is flowing to the Southern channel. If it is not, operate the levers until it is.
  • The water flow must be directed, using the symbols on the top of the pillars to determine flow direction.
  • Complete the puzzle. A solution is pictured right.
File:Elemental lure locations.png
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Mine the rubble in the East channel and pull the South lever until water flows to the cleared channel.
  • Head back to the first room, then enter the Southeast doorway.
    • Note: There should be a waterfall. If water is only dripping, the levers were not operated properly.
  • Take some Elemental fuel out of the fuel hopper.
  • Lure an Elemental creature out of the device and into the waterfall by placing the fuel. A solution is pictured right.
  • Do the above step a total of three times.

Doorway TwoEdit

  • Head back to the first room and enter the arcane doorway.
  • Enter a doorway on the West wall.
  • Try to attack the roots surrounding the strange device
  • Go West, following the vines.
  • Destroy four of the individual roots and head back to the device.
  • Kill the Decaying avatar.
    • Strategies can be found here.

Note: Runes for Fire Wave and a magic weapon are needed for this section and Prayer boosting gear is strongly recommended.

  • Head back to the previous room.
  • Talk to the Dying knight near the doorway on the East wall.
  • Turn on Piety (optional to avoid constant damage and stat reduction) and enter the East room.
  • Take the five stone slabs from around the room and use them to build a bridge across the central pool.
  • Cross the bridge and use fire wave on the explosive barrels.
  • Return to the previous room.


  • Make any necessary preparations to fight Nomad.
  • Enter the second arcane doorway, which is right after the first one.
  • Kill Nomad.
    • Strategies can be found here.

Finishing UpEdit

  • Talk to Zimberfizz.
  • Quest complete!

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