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This is the quick guide for Olaf's Quest.
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start pointQuest map icon The mouth of the Fremennik hunting area. Talk to Olaf Hradson.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
  • 50 Woodcutting-icon Woodcutting
  • Be able to defeat a level 49 monster
  • A high Agility level is highly recommended to save time
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Spade (There is a spade right next to Olaf)

Recommended Items

  • It is recommended that players with an Agility level less than 50 take an Agility potion, flask or a Summer pie.
  • Weapon and Armour (Melee works fine)
  • 43+ Prayer and/or food for low-levelled players, or prayer boosting items, which should lessen the need for food.
  • Some energy potions, as you will be doing a lot of running in this quest.
  • Access to the Lodestone in Fremennik Province or access to Fairy ring network
  • 8 free inventory spaces to store rope and barrels in (Obtainable during quest)
Enemies to defeat

Family HonourEdit

  • Talk to Olaf northeast of Rellekka.
  • Go east up the icy mountain and chop the windswept tree.
  • Return to Olaf.

The Windswept TreeEdit

  • Go to Rellekka and talk to Ingrid Hradson in the dairy churn building.
  • Head to west of the helmet shop and talk to Volf Olafson.
  • Return to Olaf.
  • Use the damp planks on the embers on the ground next to him.
  • Talk to Olaf and read the map.

Brine Rat CavernEdit

  • Go back up the icy mountain and dig west of the windswept tree.
  • Once inside the caverns, go east and north continuing the northern path until you reach a picture wall door.
  • Kill a nearby skeleton and pick up the key it drops.
  • Search the door and solve the puzzle.
    • The solution for this puzzle is: BOTTOM (once), RIGHT (once), TOP (once), LEFT (once); pull the confirm lever on the bottom right.


  • In the next area, pick up 2 rotten barrels and 6 ropes.
  • Make sure you turn off run before walking on the walkway.
  • Northeast is a walkway made of planks. Use rotten barrels on the gaps in the walkway.
  • Open the gate by clicking the keyhole that matches the key (bottom of the key is triangle, then goes into the triangle key slot)
  • Attempt to open the chest in the wrecked ship.
  • Kill the skeleton.


  • Attempt to open the chest again and you'll receive a parchment.
  • Quest complete!

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