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This is the quick guide for One Small Favour.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Yanni in the antique shop in Shilo Village.
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
LengthLong (1 - 2 hours; lots of travel, but can be considerably reduced by using the lodestone network)
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Recommended items:

Enemies to defeat
File:One Small Favour Map route.png


Asgarnia and MisthalinEdit

Items needed: 3 Steel Bars, 1 Harralander, 1 Marrentill and 1 Vial of water
File:Fred the Farmer location.png
File:Seth Groats location.png


Items needed: Chisel, around 2000 coins (or 2 cut opals, jades and red topazes incase you crush the ones you get)
File:One Small Favour Petra Fiyed stuck.png
  • Travel to Goblin Cave just east of the Fishing Guild. Go into the cave and head north, (follow the east wall until you come to the cavern on the east. As you enter the cavern a cut scene will show you Petra) until coming to a cave to the east of where Petra is trapped in rock. Right-click and select the search option on the sculpture, and you find a message telling you to speak to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Go to Ardougne and speak to Wizard Cromperty who is just north east of the square; his house has a blue-checked floor, on the mini-map.

Note: Whilst you are in Ardougne, go west and pick up five pigeon cages which are just south of the north-western bank (behind the first house to the south).

File:One Small Favour Landing strip repaired.png
  • Go west until you see a gnome glider with a gnome called Gnormadium Avlafrim. Talk to him and search each landing lights for a gem, cut it, and put it back in the landing lights. It is possible for the gems to get crushed in the cutting process; in this event, you can purchase another one from Gnormadium Avlafrim, for the cost of 500gp. Then talk to the gnome again.

Completing the favoursEdit

Items needed: Armour and pickaxe (strongly recommended for fight against Slagilith), hammer, bronze bar, iron bar, steel bar, pot, and 5 pigeon cages
File:One Small Favour Animate Rock scroll.png
  • Take some armour and a weapon and travel back to the Goblin Cave near the Fishing Guild, cast the spell ("Um nahi listic durooo-rah!") near Petra, and a level 63 Slagilith will appear for you to kill. There is a glitch that you may have to kill him twice.
  • Cast the spell again and Petra will be freed.
File:One Small Favour Broken weather vane.png
File:One Small Favour Hammerspike thugs.png

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