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This is the quick guide for Plague City.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Edmond, in East Ardougne north of the castle, next to the wall surrounding West Ardougne.
Official difficultyNovice Novice
LengthShort - Medium
Requirements None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat None

Getting startedEdit

  • Talk to Edmond who is located at a house north of the western bar in East Ardougne.
  • Talk to his wife and give her the Dwellberries which can be bought from the grand exchange for a low price or can be picked in McGrubor's Woods.
  • If not obtained already, grab the picture of Elena on the table in their house.

Breaking InEdit

  • Talk to Edmond.
  • In his garden, use all 4 Buckets of water on the mud patch
  • Dig near the mud patch.
  • Go South and try to open the grill.
  • Use a rope on the grill and talk to Edmond.
  • Equip the Gas mask obtained earlier and go through the pipe.

The Search for ElenaEdit

  • Use the picture on Jethick, who is found walking around the town square, and tell him that you will help return the book.
  • Go to the house north of the town square (against the city wall) and enter.
  • Talk to Martha Rehnison or Ted Rehnison.
  • Go upstairs and talk to Milli Rehnison.
  • Exit the house and go South of the town square.
  • Look for a house that has two doors with big black X's on them, both of which face North.
  • Try to open the Eastern door and tell the Mourners outside that you are looking for Elena.

Getting to ElenaEdit

  • Go to the large building just North of the manhole in the town square.
  • Talk to the Clerk and tell him it's urgent.
  • Climb the stairs and enter the Eastern-most room.
  • Talk to Bravek.
  • Be sure to get the recipe from Bravek BEFORE giving him the Hangover Cure, otherwise you will be unable to get the key to Elena's cell.
  • Add the Chocolate dust to the Bucket of milk and then add Snape grass to make a Hangover cure.
  • Give the cure to Bravek.
  • Insist to him that the mourners won't listen.
  • Go back to the house with black X's on doors and use the Warrant on the mourner guarding the East door.
  • Sneak inside while the guards debate.
  • Search the barrel on the Western side of the staircase (one the ground floor) to obtain a key.
  • Go downstairs, unlock then talk to Elena.

Finishing UpEdit

  • Go in the manhole in the town square.
  • Talk to Edmond.
  • Quest complete!

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