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Protect from Melee
Protect from Melee
Level 43
Book Standard Prayers
Drain rate 150 points per minute (1 point per 0.4 seconds)
Effect Reduces damage from Attack-icon attacks - 50% monsters, 40% other players.
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Protect from Melee is accessible at level 43 Prayer and was the highest level prayer until the 22 August 2006 update. When used, damage received from Melee attacks is reduced by 50%; however players should note that some monsters do have the ability to hit through Protect from Melee. The prayer will also reduce the melee damage taken from other players by 40%. Players using this prayer will have a sword icon above their character. Players should note that it can not be used in conjunction with Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles; however, it can be used with Protect from Summoning. Protect from Melee cannot negate the damage done by Kharid scorpions or the swarms of insects that assault the player when they extinguish their light source, is unable to prevent you from suffering harm when picking at mousetraps in the Rat Pits, cannot provide protection against the Troll guard when he pushes players down the hill and inflicts three hundred life points, and is useless against the blows of the NPCs whom players pickpocket through Thieving.

Additionally, the protection of this Prayer can be pierced by certain high-level NPCs, such as K'ril Tsutsaroth, whose more powerful Melee attacks can actually "slam through" the Protect from Melee Prayer, as well as draining your Prayer points themselves, and the Death spawn summoned by Nechryael.

However, the Protect from Melee prayer is able to completely nullify any and all damage from the sudden strikes of the Undead tree, though it is still impossible to retaliate to its attacks.

It has been confirmed that Protect from Melee is also unable to negate poison, whether the NPC be a Kalphite or a mere Tribesman, despite their attack style being physical in nature.


On RuneScape Classic, this prayer was known as "paraly​ze monster". It required a Prayer level of 37 to use and was 100% effective on all NPCs (since NPCs did not use magic or ranged on RuneScape Classic). This prayer did not work on players in the Wilderness or in duels. Before the Evolution of Combat, this prayer prevented all melee damage from monsters and blocked 40% of melee damage from other players.

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