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This is the quick guide for Rag and Bone Man.
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Start pointQuest map icon Go east of Varrock, through the gate near the earth altar, to Paterdomus. The Odd Old Man is in a little quarry just north of the path.
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Requirements The ability to defeat a level 52 monster.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Items recommended
Enemies to defeat See list below.

Getting startedEdit

Obtaining the BonesEdit

  • Obtain the bones needed.
    • Below is a table that lists each bone, what monster drops it, and the best areas to find them.
Monster Drops Location
Goblin Goblin skull East Lumbridge, across the bridge
Big Frog Big frog leg In Lumbridge Swamp Caves (note: Giant Frog does not work).
Bear Bear rib South of Varrock, Above Varrock Sewers, or north of Falador. Bears near Ardougne also work.
Ram Ram skull In the northern end of Lumbridge, the Wilderness wall ram north of the Edgeville Monastery, south of Varrock, or north of the crafting guild (by the make-over Mage)
Unicorn Unicorn bone South of Varrock, West of Catherby, Draynor Village and Lumbridge Swamp, south of Edgeville, or on Entrana, west from the Law altar.
Monkey Monkey paw South Karamja, East of Karamja volcano.
Giant rat Giant rat bone

Southeast of Varrock, Varrock Sewers, Lumbridge Swamp, West of Varrock Mine, Near Port Sarim Prison and the Barrows Tunnels (not recommended unless going there for other reasons)

Giant bat Giant bat wing Yanille dungeon or south-west of Catherby, Hero's Guild or Karamja Volcano.

Finishing upEdit

  • Go to Draynor Village market and buy eight jugs of vinegar from Fortunato.
  • Use the jugs of vinegar on pots.
  • Use each bone on a Pot of vinegar.
  • Obtain eight Logs.
  • Go back to the Odd Old Man's hut.
  • By his hut will be a boiler. Use the logs on the boiler then use one of the bones with the boiler and light it.
  • Wait until it is done boiling and take the bone.
  • Repeat for the remaining bones.
  • Talk to the Odd Old Man.
  • Quest complete!

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