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This is the quick guide for Recipe for Disaster/Defeating the Culinaromancer.
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Start pointQuest map icon After you finish the 9 subquests, a white portal will appear in the dining room. Enter it when you're ready to fight.
Official difficultyUnknown edit

Must complete Horror From The Deep, & Desert Treasure to enter the portal

Quest Quests:
  • Able to defeat some high-level monsters without prayer.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

For low level players:

  • Certain armour and weapons for each boss
  • Lots of good healing food such as sharks.
Enemies to defeat


  • In the following boss battles, Prayers can not be used.
  • It is recommended to bring good Food and possibly Super sets.
  • Summoning may not be used
  • Dwarf multicannons may not be used.
  • Each boss spawns immediately after its predecessor is defeated.
  • Leaving the boss area and restocking after each boss is allowed.
  • If killed, the Gravestone will appear right outside the Culinaromancer portal.

The BossesEdit


See main article: Agrith-Na-Na
  • Agrith-Na-Na uses Melee when in range and uses Fire Blast when not in melee range.
  • Ranging is effective against him.


See main article: Flambeed


See main article: Karamel
  • It is recommended to bring Stat Restore Potions.
  • It is also recommended to fight her in melee range with a fire spell as her melee attacks rarely do much damage if any at all.
  • A good idea after fighting her is to unequip everything and go die somewhere to restore all stats to normal for free.


See main article: Dessourt
  • Iban Blast and ranged works well on him.
  • At least one restore potion is recommended as he has a chance of draining stats.

Gelatinnoth MotherEdit

See main article: Gelatinnoth Mother

The CulinaromancerEdit

See main article: Culinaromancer
  • The Culinaromancer has little to no defence but can hit over 200.
  • Kill him with either melee, ranged, or magic.
  • Quest Complete!

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