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This is the quick guide for Recipe for Disaster/Freeing King Awowogei.
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Start pointQuest map icon Inspect Awowogei sitting in Lumbridge Castle dining hall.
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Quest Quests:
  • Level 70 Cooking-icon Boosts can be used
  • Level 48 Agility-icon (temporary boosts will not work)
  • Able to defeat a level 92 Big Snake
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Monkeyspeak amulet (if you've lost your amulet, all the materials to remake it, except for the gold bar, can be bought from shops in Ape Atoll)
  • Gorilla greegree or blue monkey greegree - or 1030 coins to buy monkey talisman and bones to make one
  • Ninja greegree - or 1030 coins to buy monkey talisman and bones to make one (a Ninja greegree made from big ninja monkey bones, will not work)
  • Zombie greegree - or 1030 coins to buy monkey talisman and bones to make one
  • Banana (can be picked or bought in Ape Atoll)
  • Rope (can be bought in Ape Atoll)
  • Few coins (10 coins should be enough)
  • Knife (or a scimitar which can be bought on the island)


Enemies to defeat


King AwowogeiEdit

File:Awowogei location.png

Obtaining the IngredientsEdit

The Red BananaEdit

  • Equip the gorilla greegree and find the Red banana tree on the coast West of Marim.
  • When red bananas are visible on the tree, use a Rope on it.
    • Note: The wise monkies will eat your bananas, therefore it is a good idea to collect three red bananas and slice two of them. Before talking to the wise monkeys, drop one of the slices.
  • Talk to the three wise monkeys.

Tchiki NutsEdit

  • Talk to the three wise monkeys again.
  • Equip the ninja greegree and head South to the Ape Atoll Agility Course.
  • Proceed through the course until reaching the hole right after the rope swing.
  • Enter the hole and pick a monkey nut from the bush.
  • Grind it with a Pestle and mortar.
  • Note: It is a good idea to do the same thing with the nuts as was done with the bananas.
  • Climb up the rope and finish the course.
  • Talk to the three monkeys.

The SnakeEdit

  • Talk to the three monkeys.
  • Head to Crash Island and enter the pit East of Lumdo.
    • Note: It is useful to turn on Protect from Melee before entering the pit and also having an emergency teleport.
  • Kill a snake to get a Snake corpse.
    • Note: As with the bananas and nuts, it is wise to get more than one corpse in the event of burning the dish.

Freeing King AwowogeiEdit

Note: If below 70 Cooking, make sure to have the boost at this part.

  • Use the red banana slices and tchiki monkey nut paste on the snake corpse.
  • Talk to the wise monkeys.
  • Equip the zombie greegree and enter the trapdoor on the Eastern wall of the temple.
  • Walk down the wooden platform and enter the crack in the wall.
  • Walk across the coals and cook the snake on the long rock.
  • Head to Lumbridge Castle and give the Stuffed snake to King Awowogei.
  • Subquest complete!

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