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This is the quick guide for Regicide.
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Start pointQuest map icon After randomly receiving a message from King Lathas's messenger (typically, this happens about 15 minutes after completing Underground Pass).
Official difficultyMaster Master
Quest Quests:


  • 60+ Agility-icon Agility (to decrease the chance of failing obstacles in the Underground Pass)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat Tyras guard (level 54)

Starting outEdit


  • Run through the forest, talk to Idris.
  • Run south, jump the leaves trap, pass the sticks west of the musician.
  • Continue south and activate the lodestone.
  • Follow the path north west until you reach a camp.
  • Talk to Lord Iorwerth.
  • Teleport to the lodestone, talk to the elf tracker.
  • Talk to Lord Iorwerth again.
  • Talk to the elf tracker again.
  • Click the tracks a few steps west.
  • Talk to the elf tracker.
  • Climb through the dense forest, kill the guard.
  • Go north, through more dense forest.
  • Run west then south, talk to General Hining in the camp.
  • Take 2 barrels (you will only need 2 if you plan on completing Mourning's End I).


  • Talk to Lord Iorwerth. Read the book.
  • Use a barrel on the tar south of the tracker. (There is a very small area where you can do this, directly south of the tracker's cart
  • Take some sulphur, grind it.
  • Use limestone on any furnace.
  • Talk to the chemist in Rimmington. (If you don't, the Quest Journal will not update!)
  • Use your barrel of tar on the fractionation still outside (complete this process twice, if you plan on completing Mourning's End I, barrel of naphta is required for that quest).
  • Operate the still:
    • Click the right half of the tar valve.
    • When the pressure dial is green, click the right half of the pressure valve.
    • Add a few coal and keep the heat in the green.
    • Keep it balanced until the bar at the bottom is full. Close the interface.
  • Grind the quicklime into your pot.
  • Use the quicklime, sulphur and cloth on the barrel of naphtha
  • Charter a ship to Port Tyras or use the Tirannwn lodestone, run to the catapult north of the camp.
  • Feed the guard a cooked rabbit. Use the bomb on the catapult.
  • Talk to Lord Iorwerth.

The Lord's messageEdit

  • Attempt to enter Ardougne Castle.
  • Talk to King Lathas.
  • Quest complete!

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