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Rite of Passage is the first quest in a potential upcoming quest series about the Aviansie, developed by Mod Raven.[1][2] The quest will take adventurers to Abbinah, the home world of the Aviansie and Armadyl. Here they will meet a young Aviansie who you will help in overcoming their rite of passage, a ritual that all Aviansie must perform to be considered proper adults, this part of the quest is said to be about one third of the quest overall. It is slated for release in 2017.

It has not been revealed what will happen in the latter two parts of the quest, but it has been said we will discover more about the secret Elder Artefact that Armadyl originally used to ascend with. The signature hero Linza will also feature in this quest, though it is unknown how large her role will be.[3]

Rite of Passage is meant to dramatically increase the lore on Aviansie and Armadyl. Things such as Armadyl's ascension and the artefact he used to ascend, how Armadyl originally found the Staff of Armadyl, why the Aviansie aren't returning to Gielinor yet, the "new Guardians of Armadyl", and Armadyl's motives in the Sixth Age will all be explored in this quest.[4][5]

File:Abbinah concept art.png

The quest will have a large focus on exploration, allowing the player to jump between the islands of Abbinah by using special windpaths as they explore the world. There's planned to be plenty of non-critical paths in the world, leading to various rewards ranging from 40s all the way up to a special reward in the level 80s. Along with these rewards the player will also discover lore fragments explaining the backstory of Armadyl and the Aviansie.


  • 30-39 Agility.
  • 30-39 Divination.
  • Missing: Presumed Death.[6]
  • Able to handle intermediate level combat.

Rite of Passage was polled against other Sixth Age quests in the Power to the Players March Quest Poll, but lost to an elder god quest. It was later voted as one of the top choices in the second round of Runelabs but came last in the following Power to the Players poll to The Light Within quest.


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