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This is the quick guide for Royal Trouble.
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Start pointQuest map icon Go to Miscellania and speak to Advisor Ghrim in the castle.
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Quest Quests:


  • 43 Prayer-icon Prayer might be useful for the final fight
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Five pieces of coal (obtainable during quest)


Enemies to defeat Giant Sea Snake (level 63)

Getting startedEdit

Miscellania DungeonsEdit

  • Gear for final fight and enter the dungeons south end of the Miscellania courtyard
  • Go into the bar to the east, and speak with Donal
  • Head North-west use the Mining Prop on the crevice, and go through
  • Pick up the Engine, 3 Pulley beams, 3 Beams, and some Rope from the crates
  • Put 5 Coal in the engine
  • Use a pulley beam on the broken scaffolding
  • Use a beam on a pulley beam, and you'll get a Long pulley beam
  • Attach another beam to get a Longer pulley beam, use that on the scaffolding.
  • Use your last pulley beam, then your rope on the scaffolding
  • Use the third beam on the platform (Northside)
  • Use the engine with coal in it on the engine platform
  • Grab another rope, go up the lift and pick up the plank off the ground, and enter the tunnel.
  • Continue east
  • Use your rope on the overhanging rock and swing across.
  • Search the fire remains to obtain a Burnt diary
  • Use the plank to cross the small rocks
  • Search the other fire remains to add pages to the diary. (NOTE: the steam vents in this area will hurt you slightly)
  • Make your way to the end of the tunnel, collecting the remaining diary pages
  • Read the entire journal.
  • Squeeze through the crevice at the end

Final FightEdit

  • Continue down the tunnel, squeeze through the crevice
  • Kill the Giant Sea Snake, and pick up the Heavy box
  • Go back through the crevice and a guard will drop a rope down to help you up
  • Talk to Queen Sigrid
  • Talk to King Vargas (you can drop the empty box and diary)
  • Quest complete!

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