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This is the quick guide for Shadow of the Storm.
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Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Father Reen just south of Al Kharid bank.
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Quest Quests:
  • 30 Crafting-icon Crafting
  • Ability to kill a level 84 boss
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Silverlight (If you do not have the sword, it can be re-obtained during the quest)
  • Silver bar
  • Empty vial (To dye Silverlight/clothing black if you have not done so already)
  • 3 pieces of a black outfit (see below; you can also dye the desert robes during the quest for two of the pieces)


Enemies to defeat Agrith Naar (level 84)

Starting outEdit

  • Talk to Father Reen south of Al Kharid bank.
  • Talk to Father Badden in Uzer.
  • Go down the stairs and talk to Evil Dave wearing your 3 black items.
  • Pick and grind a black mushroom to dye Silverlight black.
  • Try to join Evil Dave's group again.


  • Talk to Jennifer to get a demonic sigil mould.
  • Smelt a demonic sigil at any furnace. Your black outfit can be discarded at this point and replaced with combat gear.
  • Talk to Matthew in the evil lair about Josef.
  • Talk to the clay golem about last night.
  • Search the nearby kilns for a book.
  • Read the book, and talk to Matthew.
  • The ritual will begin, talk to Denath and write down the incantation.
  • Complete the circle and click the sigil to chant the incantation.
  • Take the sigil from the floor.
  • Exit the portal and take Tanya's sigil.
  • Tell to Evil Dave to return to the lair - you should have 4 sigils now.

Rallying the troopsEdit

  • Convince Father Badden and Father Reen to join the ritual.
  • Talk to the golem, he will refuse to help.
  • Go down the stairs and take the Strange implement from the floor.
  • Use the implement on the golem, he'll now agree to help.

The final fightEdit

  • Talk to Matthew to start the incantation, say it backwards.
  • Kill the demon with silverlight.
  • Equip darklight and choose your reward.
  • Quest complete!

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